How does Playstation respond to the Zenimax acquisition?

So xbox now has 23 devs (actually more) the most devs of any gaming publisher or platform.

While sony still have very strong first party it is not possible for there 14 devs to be able to compete with xgs’s 23.

Take Two - 18.7B

EA - 37B

Activsion - 62.5B

Ubisoft - 10.5B

CD Projekt - 10.5B

Konami - 6B

Capcom - 7.5B

Square Enix - 7.8B

Nintendo - 75B

These are some companies market caps, so add about 20% on top of these prices because none of them are doing poorly and there may be other bidders.

Now sony have about $33 billion cash on hand and a $91 billion valuation.

So maybe they could buy a konami or square?

But thats a 3rd of there cash and lets not forget sony are likely taking large losses on PS5 hardware.

I think they will spend $1-3billion on:

Smaller devs: Housemarque Bluepoint Playdead That game company

3rd party deals: Timed exclusive DLC for GTA6 Timed exclusive for silent hill + metal gear solid.

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Buy Remedy, From Software, Square Enix.

These are the ones seems to be close with Playstation

Put their games on PC day and date to garner more sales. We know the quality is going to be there so why not make them more profitable.

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I think you hit the nail on the head. We know Sony is on the lookout for acquisitions and they are likely to acquire developers they currently have a relationship with going by what they have done in the past.

As for a nuclear option for Sony, they could buy SE I feel and try and get GTA6 as a timed exclusive. The issue with these is that it will seriously cut into Sony’s cash reserves. Also, after today’s news, I expect Xbox to make significant inroads into Sony’s market share now so Sony’s ability to get timed exclusives will cost more in the future.

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Does Sony currently have enough cash to buy any of those options? They’d probably have to sell their camera department, or TV & phone businesses combined to finance SIE.


SE, From Software makes more sense as its mostly associated with Sony.

Rockstar Games are swimming in money and its not going to stop anytime soon with the release of GTA 6 looming near.

If Sony tries to get GTA6 as a timed exclusive its going to be huge and its going to cost a fortune for Sony and whatever they do GTA is going to sell regardless on all consoles. So that deal will be viable for short term but might financially affect their own projects.

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Don’t think Sony has much of a relationship with Playdead, but all the other 3 ya listed seem like possible purchases. Remedy would suck for us Xbox fans, but it could make sense for Sony. I can see buying IP’s from Konami, but the concern I’d have for them there is keeping Kojima away from them. I can see GTA DLC timed. Nothing on the scale of this but surely they wanna respond somehow. Discussion of this deal has totally absorbed the entirety of the industry atm.

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Thats why I said it would seriously cut into their cash reserves lol. Sony could literally buy another Insomniac with the amount of money it would cost.

They should probably stop worrying about grabbing exclusive content and instead think about what they can offer Xbox in return for some of the Bethesda games on PS5. I think Xbox can now dictate to Sony. Let’s face if anyone Sony approaches will know MS have a bigger chequebook now, and it’s open.


There is no response to this level of magnitude, and if there is, it will take years as it took MS around 2 years to get this deal done.

Sony just has to rely on their first party studios to deliver because they’re taking a major hit on hardware in a division that has to be profitable for Sony

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Insomniac was a very smart buy as they have mainly produced PS games (a very talented studio) and was not that expensive.

I feel now studios like Remedy, From Software would be a great fit for Sony as they are not that expensive at the same time talented. Square Enix also makes sense but might end up costing too much.

Ready at dawn was great too but Facebook bought it

Bluepoint is one studio that can do wonders for Sony as they are already a very talented support studio and they can groom them like Sony Bend (who themselves were a support studio for Sony).

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I forgot about remedy + from, they would be the type of buys sony will make imo. They could probably be got for $500 million, which would be a great deal.

Way less. Hell Insomniac went for less than 300 million, so Remedy would cost much less. It would suck that Alan wake might be a Sony game but would make sense for Playstation.

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I mean 500 mill for both of them.

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As people on ERA never tire of telling us time and time again From is not for sale as they are part of a bigger company.

R* would laugh. Think of it this way. The best Sony could get from R* was some free money for PS players in GTA Online for a few months.

The price R* would ask for lets say a 12 month exclusivity would be more than any sensible company would pay.

Plus R* miss out on all those multiformat players online playing buying shark cards. Yeah it’s not happening. The game has sold what 95 million copies. What would they gain by even entertaining Sony?

Looking at it there is nothing Sony can do to match this deal. Multiple top tier studios all in one fell swoop. And with the possibility of more on the way?

I don’t doubt Sony has some targets in mind but are they willing to be brought is the better question. MS has been very canny at what studios they’ve picked up.


Rockstar is too big for anyone. They are making millions just from microtransactions of GTA V Online. Let alone their games still selling like crazy

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I don’t think there’s anything they could realistically do. MS outflanked them on everything. Power of their console. Having the lowest-priced options. Having an incredible stable of development houses.

I mean, what can they do?

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Guys, gta 6 is not gonna be timed exclusive for even a week. Did y’all forget gta v made a billion in three days? Ain’t no way in hell they’re gonna come to a deal beyond maybe exclusive skins or maps or dlc or some shit, not the entire game itself.


Here’s my take.

they don’t need to counter. This move represents an effort for Xbox (albeit a huuuge one) to improve their first party presence, something Sony has had for a long time already and guarantee a stable feed to Game Pass, something Sony doesn’t even want to do lol They’re fine :slight_smile:

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Its just going to be like GTA V, just some exclusive stuff.

Very efficient as well. I was disappointed Sony got them but could understand why.

SE is definitely in the realms of possibility, but very expensive for Sony, so they would seriously have to think about it.

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