How does Playstation respond to the Zenimax acquisition?

On top of that now Sony is in a position where they have a weaker console at the same price as the XSX and costing more than XSX in many other countries.

Game are more expensive on the Sony side, MS doesn’t need to.

Controllers are costly.

SSDs are going to be costly as they have a top of the line version.

No BC. Charging for BC games. Man because of this announcement Sony seems to be in a peculiar position now.

Its going to be interesting how things pan out.

You dont think sony will want to counter this in order to prevent them from losing market share?

I think if Silent Hill is indeed a thing, then this cements it even further.

That and I can see Sony targeting some studios to either make long exclusive contracts with, or outright purchase. I’m sure they’ve tried to get From many times.

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There really is no response to this, and tbh Sony don’t seem inclined to respond in kind anyway. Their strategy is to focus on their excellent first party blockbusters and keep on selling $70 games for their $500 box, period. It’s served them well since 2013. We’ll see what happens now. I suspect that the “$500 box + $70 games and that’s all we offer” is going to seem like a dinosaur business model over the next few years. I explained Game Pass to my wife who could care less about videogames and her response was, “And the other company still expects people to pay $70 per game??”

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Are you really sure the numbers are 100% accurate and up to date please? Just to have the most accurate hypothesis and possibilities

There from Bloomberg.

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I think that ship has sailed now. Microsoft has a cheaper console, a more powerful console and will have more than enough content to back it up. It’s not a question if they will lose market share but how much to Microsoft.

Sony will respond but from a corporate view point : Spending more money for a smaller pie and potentially less revenue is not a good position to be in.


Thanks for you quick response!

I think Sony is really scared and shook about it and will probably try to made quick bad decisions due to the panic and shoot themselves in the foot. Forcing buy outs or using its brand power to negotiate even more uglier timed deals but later nullified by MS Gamepass

We already saw it with the PS5 overclocking when they heard 12tf they went in full panic mode “No way next Xbox wtf 12tf? We’re screwed! Man hurry up Cerny find something.” “ah yeah ok 2,23ghz 3D audio ssd ssd ssd…”

So now applicate that to bigger decisions lol. The PS5 design is a result of MS impact.

What such an acquisiton could do to Sony on this scale under high pressure.

MS is playing the mind game chess forcing Sony to act without even thinking of the consequences.


Yes, sony losing some marketshare is inevitable, however if they dont react to this they could lose even more, surely sony would rather have 70million installbase instead of 50mill.

I agree, which is why I said they will respond, but if there wasn’t already there will be a realisation that the PS5 is not going to sell as much as the PS4, so plans may need to change accordingly.

I added links for u.

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Thanks a lot! Really appreciated!

I think Sony is in a rough spot to respond, the money that was allocated to them for this gen was used for Timed exclusivity, leaving little to no money for studios aquistion.

Sony is in a really hard spot right now.

They do not have the cash at hand to buy some big publisher. So they would need to negotiate some kind of stock swap, which is complicated and takes a lot of time. Additionally, the price on their preferred moneyhats for timed exclusivity just went up. And they still need to recoup all the PS5 R&D costs.

In short, I can see them buy a studio (IOI), but any kind of larger deal would be late next year at the earliest. By then, the die is probably cast.

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Seems like Sony are focussed on timed exclusives, which doesn’t work when your rival buys a big publisher!

I think they’ll be fine for most of the gen, but I can see people moving over to Xbox mid gen onwards.

Sony wanted an arms race and we just saw how MS responded…do they really want to push it further?


I think Sony will just go even harder with timed exclusive deals. I selfishly hope Square-Enix, Capcom and SEGA stay independent for everyone on all consoles.

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there’s less than 0 chances Sony wins an acquisition war if one actually happened , more than likely the actual companies involved would be bigger players like amazon or google or apple but all three seem to not take gaming seriously enough to be able to convince their ceo of billion dollar acquisitions .


History has shown us when sony are behind on big AAA content they bring on indies and try and make out to be a pure gaming platform, a platform “for the gamers”.

However this has shown not to be very sincere and just an attempt to try and gain some hearts and minds.

This time around it will be even less effective because xbox has great indie support.