How are You Placing your XSX? Standing it Up? Laying it on It's Side?

I am just curious how the community will the placing their future XSX.

I want to stand it up. However, I do not believe that my entertainment center has the mid-shelf clearance to do so.

So, it is going to be laid flat.

Edit: I just added the dimensions from a website.

H: 12.2" / 310mm W: 6.3" / 160mm D: 6.3" / 160mm

XSX Dimensions

‘The Tower of Power’ - of course it needs to stand proudly. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Standing up. It’ll probably be behind my tv since I have stand up speakers to both sides and little room for anything else.

I want to ensure that I have a steady stream of air from the top. I think that placing the system in the middle shelf of a AV unit would be difficult for anyone concerned with airflow.

That could just be me though! :stuck_out_tongue:

definitely standing up will also give me a bit more space in my set up lol

Probably standing up, but I’ll see once it arrives.


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I want to have it standing up but I don’t know if I have enough room :frowning:

Standing it up, but im a bit worried about on 1inch space above the fan.

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Yeah, that is my concern also. I don’t think that is enough clearance.

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Mine will be laying on its side in my entertainment center.

Vertical for me.

Can the Series S be placed on its side as well? Not that I would put it on its side anyway, since it will fit perfectly in the place I currently have my Switch dock.

Stand it up - ugly on its side. Opposite for the S, and the PS5 - lay them flat if you can

Same here, it fits standing up but then it only has like 1-2cm of free space on top… Might not be ideal. Might have to lie it down. When it is not in use, none of my consoles or equipment is visible otherwise I’d just stand it up next to the TV.

Vertical for sure!

Side. Always on their sides.

Vertical too.

I have a component stand underneath my project screen with plenty of room to stand it vertically beneath the screen. Will look like a monolith of glory.

My XSX stands behind my OLED

of course fake, but that is the plan