Highlights from the Dropped Frames Phil Spencer Interview

  • Flight Sim took a while to announce RD because they had to square away the cloud aspects of it so that XB1 owners were not left out of the conversation. (This is the news that XB1 owners will be able to stream XSX exclusives via the cloud onto their XB1 later this year).
  • Said he watched/reviewed the showcase maybe 40 times or so and some days liked certain things and other days disliked certain things. Was ultimately surprised the reaction to the show was as positive as it was.
  • It was nice to open and close with Bethesda. Todd and Pete were able to speak to Xbox’s 20th anniversary genuinely since they have been along for the ride all this time.
  • Happy with the reception of Redfall. It’s a game Arkane isn’t particularly known for in the past, but they are passionate about it and want to build that type of game. Understands frustration with no gameplay, hopefully able to share more soon.
  • 343 will work with Halo community to build the game post launch, much like Rare has done with Sea of Thieves.
  • Halo Infinite RD was not announced because they have an idea of a 3-4 week period they want to hit, but are paying attention to other high profile releases around that time also.
  • Not a huge fan of licensed IP DLC in the past, but Pirates fit in perfectly with Sea of Thieves so he was happy with how it came out.
  • Has preview builds of Psychonauts 2 but is trying to hold off to play it on release!
  • Largest showcase in terms of viewership.
  • It was Todd’s idea to put the release date in the trailer even though it was far out. “Enable the studios to be the best versions of themselves they can be, so trust in them.”
  • Had a virtual call with Marty Stratton the other day to go over ID Software’s roadmap! Woot!
  • Doesn’t love the term AAA, but the pedigree and past work of studios effects expectations of their games. Also being 1st party raises expectations of the studio, even if they are smaller. A little unfair to smaller titles that get unexpected expectations levied on them. Trying to be honest with consumers about the size and scope of the game, used the example of them saying that Grounded had 10 people on it for a reason.
  • Wants to work hard with streamers and creators to reduce risk of DMCA takedowns and rights issues.
  • Can’t say much about Fable right now, but just take confidence that Playground has the same level of focus on Fable as they have had with Forza Horizons
  • Question from Rami Ismail around 1P, 2P and ID@Xbox titles and if they have different goals or focused on game pass. Phil said 1P has the affordability to take more risks. Can populate different genres, invest in uniquely positioned areas (such as episodic games). On 3P side, wants to help teams create their best version of their games. Support them, provide them with assistance, ect. On ID@Xbox, wants to enable more creative voices from all around the world. Let creators that are less established spread and tell their stories. Support them monetarily, with resources, help them come to market.
  • Maximilion was spamming the chat about Killer Instinct. Phil would love to revisit it, has had discussion with Matt Booty that they want to continue to work on it, but needs to find the right team to work on it. (Doesn’t sound like it’s in any sort of active development).
  • Says Sony 1P and 3P doing a good job. “When everybody plays we all win”. Industry itself is learning and growing…loves seeing collaboration, and the industry being healthy.
  • It’s been a long time since he has felt this confidence in Xbox’s direction and outlook. Appreciates the love and passion throughout the years from everyone, and is proud to keep building and growing for the fans.

Thanks for this Judge, such a great interview.

VOD is at @DroppedFrames [1PM ET] w/ @CohhCarnage @Ezekiel_III @itmeJP & Guest Phil Spencer @XboxP3 @ 2:30PM ET - Twitch Starts roughly 1:40:00


I suspected that they are waiting for CoD for the release date.


Yeah a lot of undue panic that 343 isn’t confident they’ll hit 2021


Oh sweet Jesus Yes!


Great summary @Judge.

Appreciate it.


Ya, because keep in mind that as a platform holder their job is to also best support their partners. Putting Halo right on top of COD is not beneficial to either party.


This is fantastic, I appreciate the trouble you went to, @Judge!

Edit: Didn’t realize you were the same Judge from the other forum until I saw this same post there :sweat_smile:


Great summary, appreciate it!


Good stuff, that thing about allowing 3P to create the best version of their game is great, they just need to come around and revive some dead franchises with that kind of support.

Also the mention of the episodic games could be a wink at the Kojima game.

Great work Judge. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Lovely summation Judge, thankyou :green_heart:

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Listening to Phil is always refreshing. He is very articulate and amazingly quick and measured at the same time.

Coupled with very good questions from CohhCarnage and it makes for a great discussion.

As some of us suspected. I didn’t quite get the concern since they planted their flag to ‘holiday 2021’ and to me always seemed like they want to leave a bit of wriggle room.

What was on his shelf?


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Appreciate the summary @Judge! A lot of good info here and I appreciate Phil recognizing the expectations and pressure of being 1st party, even if it’s a smaller team or project. They’ve been handling it really well with being transparent on the size or scope of some of these titles. Crazy thing is even considering the size of something like Grounded, it’s still one of the best survival games out there lol


Really wish he didn’t give an interview to Dropped Frames after their E3 reaction to the showcase.

Either way, good to hear Phil speak. Happy that Halo Infinite had nothing to do with internal issues of possibly not being ready at launch because of a lot of work to be done like Grubb was saying and it’s just because they want to pick the right spot to release it. My bet is November, I think they’re going to do it even if Forza Horizon 5 is also releasing that month. I have a feeling COD isn’t gonna release that month, but we’ll see.

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Yea not worried about infinite at all

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What did they say about Xbox E3? @Cortana117

I should have had that in my summations! The first thing they did was look at his shelf behind him lol…unfortunately no teases, just a couple controllers.

Another funny moment was towards the end where they said how they were 20min over and then Phil’s phone buzzed. They said “oh it must be the lawyers and PR people telling you to wrap it up”, and Phil goes “actually It’s a notification from my doorbell, my wife just got home with the dog”…funny and organic haha