Hideki Kamiya apologizes to Microsoft for Scalebound problems in new interview

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2021/11/19/hideki-kamiya-apologizes-to-microsoft-for-scalebound-problems-in-new-interview/

In a chapter of the Kamiya Chronicles the Platinum Games director explains why Scalebound didn’t go the way it should’ve gone. During the interview he says sorry to Microsoft and the people who were looking forward to playing the game.

During the interview he says: “We weren’t experienced enough and couldn’t get over that wall, leading to what happened in the end.”


Would be cool if PG would show support for Xbox by releasing games and not come up with weird excuses like the compatibility problems of Wonderful 101’s engine. Sol Cresta is skipping Xbox as well and Babylon’s Fall is timed exclusive.

WTF is happening on this Friday!

So two big reasons - Radical change in development environment, shifting engine to Unreal to meet those “photorealistic” standards, and secondly, making it an online game when they were still inexperienced on that front.

I wanna know who’s decision it was though to have Scalebound have those pesky online elements, cuz it definitely felt tacked on from the onset in all the previews we got. The DMC side of the game’s design and combat looked a lot more effective and prominent compared to whatever online co-op/PvP stuff they showed.

MS and Platinum gotta be both wiser today after that. I’m not sure if this game is coming back ever, but I see Scalebound’s infuence and ideas seep into Bayonetta 3 a lot with the big dragon fights.

i simply don’t get why this is such a big deal. game dev is hard and games fail and get cancelled all the time. and nobody apologises for it.


It didn’t work out and that’s fine, as @CallMeCraig already said some times things don’t go as planned and games are cancelled. Phil was right when he said that this was the right decision for the Xbox fanbase, a hyped game that would turn out mediocre was the last thing the Xbox One needed last generation.

That being said I hope that the relationship between the two parties get better and we’ll finally see TW101 on Xbox. I’d argue that Xbox right now is the best system if you are a fan of the character action genre, the only games that are missing to be an almost perfect selection of the genre are TW101 and God Hand and there is no reason for the former to not be on Xbox. Considering how overlooked and niche the game is Game Pass will be a good fit for the game.


Jezz tweeted in the past (even before Phil buying studios live at E3) that he heard rumbling about PG wasting MS’s money to also ‘help’ their other games rather than just Scalebound itself. Well guess it’s almost confirmed then.

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no it’s not. That was bunk


This doesn’t confirm any of that.


Well… judging on how Bayonetta 3 was in development hell and turned out to be okay-ish (atleast graphic-wise) and Project Babylon went to… I can see it. Even if it was bunked. Officially or not.

I’ll be fine as long as the game is fun as usual and the performance holds up, even if the Switch is reaching or reaches its hardware limit. As for Babylon, the test happened and it looks really rough. It could end up much worse than Avengers and to happen again under Square-Enix, that’s damaging.

I’m out of the loop what had happened lol

Wonderful 101 is the only weird one.

Sol Cresta and Babylon’s Fall AD are not self published.

Paltinum’s first majorly published game, Project GG, has already been announced for both Xbox Series and One.

The problem is the internet wants to make a big struggle story between Microsoft and Platinum that doesn’t exist. Kamiya’s online persona doesn’t help with that either at times.

Hell, some people still thinking Platinum was taking Xbox’s money to work on NieR: Automata even though that was confirmed false by a previous employee.


Just need acquisition announcement and the world would implode.

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No one is in the loop today. And Jon has also played campaign. I am expecting one more revelations video on that from him. LOL

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Sol Cresta is releasing on every platforms except Xbox. I would argue that PG is part of the publishing as well.

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Oh yeah figured that out when it says he was at “home” for a while haha because it it says that it means they could be playing review copies.

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This is what I find. So it’s co-published?

Not sure how that works politically.

It’s on their website

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