Head of Product Marketing for Xbox; @martyhess If you think announcing a next-gen console in the middle of the night due to leaks is wild, just imagine what else we have cooking… 😉

More news incoming from Global Product Marketing :open_mouth: I wonder what this could be.


It’s not the middle of the night for some of us. Just another afternoon…

but i don’t want to imagine things, i want to see them for real :wink:

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They will be soon it seems :wink:

New games, new acquisition and/or new Gamepass announcement incoming. Cable TV add-on EA Play for Gamepass ?

I’m so hype right now.

BRO PLSSSSS ELDEN RING AT TGS, bring that shit to Game Pass and have yourself a goddamn win.


Was this after the Series S news?

If I had to guess…

XBL going away EA Access and a big third party game launching in Gamepass…

Total shots in the dark lol…

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The safe bet is that he is referring to the rumoured Gamepass announcement.

Maybe or Series X pricing?

I mean, that’s expected to be revealed, and is probably not gonna be as enticing of a price as the Series S is, so I figure it shall be something else, game pass related or third party moneyhat lol (and in Xbox’s case, that moneyhat is game pass day 1)

Product marketing - so doubt this has anything to do with software or gamepass…

Zappy has a point lol, I hope he doesn’t gives us all a heart attack and announce the Series X at $399

Or series X at 599 - hey guys look how good value the S is…

I’m still hoping for a big third party day one on Game Pass to make up for Halo Infinite, and DIRT 5 remains my main candidate. One of the better next-gen showcases, ready for console launch, and Forza is nowhere to be seen, so might as well moneyhat this one for a year or so.

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Oh shit, everyone help my hype is through the roof already. I don’t know how much more I can take!

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Dirt5 on gamepass day one makes sense - but what does it do for Xbox? It doesn’t alter much, the game isn’t a massive piece of news - it offers a little more gamepass value. The thing about adding stuff to gamepass is - ANYTHING is great for the service. But nothing really helps the launch of a console or consoles out. IMHO. Unless its something MASSIVE like COD or cyberpunk - then you’re in a different zone entirely.

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I’m surprised it’s actually just $299, the price is ridiculously competitive. This thing is going to have pack-in games and be selling for $199-250 within the first three years, and that’s so damn wild.

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This console is going to do so well at that price point. If they remove the Xbox Live paywall for free to play games and EA Play gets included with Game Pass as rumours have been suggesting - look out!

I’m thinking of the mass casual market. An affordable next gen console that gives you instant access to a franchise like Fifa? Wow…

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I like the enthusiasm. However, I think that marketing is partially what got 343i and MS into the mess that was Halo Infinite reveal.

My personal outlook is to keep expectations firmly in check.

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