Has there been a game that took you multiple times before it clicked?

Usually when I play a game, that’s it. If I enjoy it I continue with it, if I don’t like it I just uninstall and move over to the next game.

But strangely Doom (2016) is one of those games. I played the demo and I was very excited after all that hype, but while playing it it just didn’t do much for me.

I eventually ended up buying the game for like ten bucks and after one or two levels I quit playing because again, I didn’t had that amazing experience so many people spoke of. This must have happened two or even three more times and then the fourth time I decided to stick with it and all of a sudden at some point it just clicked for me.

Ever had this too? If yes, which game?


Sea of Thieves, I think. I still haven’t really experienced it mostly playing solo, but I did play for a week straight to my surprise and enjoyed the sort of zen experience it offers. Maybe it was a mindset thing. I do need to still finish the Pirates of the Caribbean DLC, though.

It’s funny you mention Doom as I love 2016, but Eternal just doesn’t do a thing for me. I look at that game as an unofficial reboot to the former reboot. I think I’d enjoy it more if I played on M&K as the redesigned combat feels more suited to that than a controller. I keep giving a try like every 6 months but it still hasn’t clicked and probably won’t.


Forza Motorsport is one that’s really relevant to me lately! I thought I didn’t like sim racing games. Even bought Motorsport 6 at a friend’s urging, played like one race before abandoning it and going back to Forza Horizon.

Randomly tried Motorsport 7 on Game Pass and it just clicked… it was like, where has this genre been all my life! Now I’m going back and revisiting all the Forza Motorsport games.


Dying Light. Bought it twice in 2015 and didn’t click. Bought it a year later with the Enhanced Edition and it finally clicked for me. Almost seven years later, im day one for Dying Light 2!!!

Can’t think of any other games that fit this criteria. I rarely give games a second chance.

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Minesweeper, had no clue how to play it when I was 6, a few months back spent hours on hours playing it. so much fun


I have a few but the one that really did was Skyrim. Played on 360 melee build hating it. Only game I ever traded into gamestop. Few years later got it on ps3 same thing. Once I gotthe special edition at discount and tried a diffrent build I loved it and now to me it is a 10/10.

Deadcells- took 2 tried

I played demon souls on ps3 and couldnt because of that horrible framerate. Same with dark souls on 360. When I play dark souls 2 on x1 it just clicked and now the soulsbourne games in general are my favorite group of games.

Some games iv tried a few times and just cant get are Last guardian Nier Death stranding


Nier Automata for me. The first 2 times I was like “that’s cool, but it’s not for me”, now I’m having a blast.


Skyrim, when I first played the game I wasn’t to sure what I was doing and kept losing interest, as I didn’t know how leveling worked, the importance of crafting ect. It took me watching a walk through for a build to understand what I needed to know and now the only thing about it I don’t like is trying to make a boring stealth archer.

Dark Souls, I remember playing the game before the remastered and on Xbox BC and getting all the way to blight town before giving up on it. What helped me click though was playing through Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the first sin, everything about DS2 just clicked with me, and after admiting to myself that I wanted to get better at the game and watched a walk through. Everything I learned in DS2 I applied to the remastered and DS3.

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I didn’t really love Assassins Creed Odyssey but I bothered to pick it back up after 3 tries and finishing the game after playing Tsushima and dropping it cause It made me want to play AC instead.


Yakuza Zero.

First time I wasnt in the mood and stoped 1 hour into the game then one year later… well Im now at Yakuza 5


I second Doom 2016

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Oh that’s surprising, is Eternal that different from 2016? You would think with added features like climbing it would get even better. What you said about the combat I didn’t know, can understand why this could harm the experience.

SoT I tried when it was in beta and then when it was finished. Solo I just can’t do it, especially when you come across a group of other players who fuck your shit up, lol.

That’s really cool to see. You surprised yourself basically,haha. I’ve played all the FM games but it’s always been a few races and I’m done. FH definitely for me.

Yeah you’ve said this before in another thread and I’m still surprised, haha. I was under the impression that Ghost was following the Ubi formula but without the busy work and the problems that AC still has. Or at least, that’s what a few people told me.

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Rocket League lol


Took many attempts for me to get into Assassin’s Creed Revelations. I even fell asleep once or twice during the beginning. It finally clicked for me and the game was pretty damn good.

You are pulling our leg here lol. I would have thought you and that game was like love at first sight judging by how much you have played it.



Mass Effect.

I played it after Gears of War and couldn’t believe how bad the shooting felt in comparison. I played the opening level and put it down. A few months later I came back to it because of the constant praise it was receiving with a better understanding of what type of game it was, a story driven RPG, not a shooter. Once I got through the opening level and into the story stuff it totally got it’s hooks into me.


Nah, hated it

I went back a second time to try again and it still didn’t click

Then I went back a third time to force myself to get the easy Platinum trophy. By the time I got the Platinum I loved it. Never looked back

It took me 3 tries to like Hollow Knight. But one day I guess it just felt good and I played for the next 5 hours.

Plague Tale. Game takes a long time to loosen up, I dropped it for over a year and came back once the backlog cleared and am now eagerly awaiting the upgrade next week