Has there been a game that took you multiple times before it clicked?

Gears… It was troublesome playing to play first two chapters of the game. Then it just clicked

I played gears 5 and then shortly after gears 4

Now I have Gamepass ultimate for 3 months so I will soon play Hive Busters as well

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Doom eternal for me. Loved Doom 2016. Hated eternal at first. Tried again. Hated it. Then third time loved it. And now it’s enhanced it looks amazing with Ray Tracing and love it even more. The initial start of that game is not good as it contains some very small arenas that are incredibly hard to progress through and the combat rhythm is so different to the previous game.

Doom 2016.

Actually Dragon Age Inquisition was one for me. Played it once for like 20 hours and dropped it cause I wasnt enjoying it and couldnt kill the dragons. Came back to it, understood the combat and it just was 60 more hours lol.

Weirdly The Witcher 3.

Got it at launch because of the hype. Loved the trailers but never played any game in the series before and didn’t really know what I was getting here. I was stuck very early at the freaking werewolf, tried it dozens of times but didn’t make any progress and really didn’t wanted to play further.

My brother told me 5 month later how awesome the game is and I thought ok, I’ll give it another go. Played it till the end and think of it as the best RPG of all time now. Really fell in love with this game and was thinking how stupid I was to give up on it so early. On the bright sight I got a very well optimized version since a lot of optimization and bugfixes was done by then.

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Dead Cells

State of Decay 2

Played about 5/6 hours at release, dropped it for a few weeks. Tried again, same amount of time and dropped it again this time for a few months. Now it feels like it’s the only game I play, I just keep coming back to it. Once it gets its hooks into you and you start to understand the systems and how to play the game in tandem with them, it’s a really great experience overall.

State of Decay 3 is like a top 5 anticipated game from first party and considering what it’s up against that’s lofty praise from me.


I think I am finally enjoying Minecraft after trying it multiple times.

Literally took me getting married, having a baby, that baby grows up to be 8 years old, HE likes minecraft and keeps asking me to play with him.


I never got into the gunplay of Fortnite until a good four or five months of playing it over weekends with friends. I kept playing because the social experience was better than the gameplay (for me) at the time.

But since then I gonna like the gunplay and the game in general, since then. But if you asked me in those early months I would have called it one of the worst playing shooter games.

I too am not feeling DOOM Eternal but I’ll give it a few goes before I really pass it off. I think part of it is that I’m not in the mood for that sort of twitch shooter at this point.

Not a game, but a series. Monster Hunter. I started with World. I tried it twice, but as a natural button masher the animation priority combat never clicked with me and I dropped it. That being said, I adored many things about the series; the gameplay loop of kill, harvest, and craft, the fantastic monster designs, that the monsters interacted with their environment and it made them feel like living creatures and not just generic bosses waiting in an arena for the player.

Gave the series a third try by buying Rise at launch, but again I didn’t stick with it. However, I did get the urge to play it again a few weeks ago and this time I really made an effort to learn how the combat worked. I’m still not great but I am learning, and more importantly, having a lot of fun! The wirebug is a big reason why. The extra mobility is incredibly useful for an amateur hunter, especially the knockdown recovery wiredash.

It’s a good thing I adored everything else about the games, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have made such an effort to wrap my head around the combat.

Mass Effect and Bioshock come to mind. I eventually came around and loved them.


Witcher 3. Took three separate attempts over a two year period to finally get into it, and now it’s in my top 10 favorite games.

Dragon Age Inquisition. I’ve started it multiple times since release and couldn’t stomach it. Everytime I found myself trapped spending power unnecessarily and feeling lost on what to do. I started it again last week using a guide for the beginning and have been hooked.

Quite literally, Tetris

Fallout New Vegas took me several attempts to really get into it and now its one of my 5 favorite games of all time.

Alan Wake is the same I didn’t like it until a few years after I bought it.

Dark Souls 3. It was my first experience with a Soulsbourne game. I put it down for 6 months after being unable to make it past the first boss the first time I played it. Eventually I’d go back to it determined to make it past just one boss and then potentially retire. I didn’t retire. Dark Souls 3 was my favorite single player game of last generation. Led me to beat DS1, Sekiro and finally broke me to buy a Playstation for Bloodbourne.

Replaying it right now due to the 60fps patch. Feels like a different game. Dark Souls is one of my top 5 favorite IPs of all time now.


The idea of Alan Wake taking a while to click me made imagine literally clicking the toggle switch on a flash light, after playing it for hours and constantly dying. And being like…“oh, this game is so much easier now” :laughing:

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If true achievements had a way to figure out how many… I’m guessing weeks? of time I spent playing minesweeper back on Windows 8, I’d probably be a tad embarrassed.

I think I had this experience with Halo to some extent. I got it for pc, and I kind of liked it, but it was so much slower than unreal tournament that I had been playing that it just seemed dumb. Took a few times before I completely fell in love with it.

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Definitely Gears of War. When it came out, I tried it at a friends’ house and I did not like this relatively slow and clunky cover-based thing in brown ambients. I later tried GOW3 horde with some friends, and while it felt better due to the company, I still thought it was clunky and not very fun. I played the GOW1 Remaster when I first had a free month of Game Pass shorly after the program’s launch, and I finally appreciated it a bit more, playing it start to finish for more context. And after playing through various games since, I eventually played Gears 5 and… I finally get it, I think. I feel it, I understand it, I enjoy the tank-ish controls now. Looking forward to Gears 6!