Has MS already bought Asobo?

Yeah I know but the way it looks even on the cgi, looks like it could take advantage of the tech if they wanted to do it exactly like in the cgi trailer. I’m not saying it’s using the tech right now but it looks like they could use it to build the game.

the logo on the right is from the XGSP.

Not yet, maybe in 2021.

Nah, hopefully they will.

Yeah, hopefully Microsoft does acquire Asobo, preferably before they announce Plague Tale 2 which going to be published by Focus Home Entertainment because once that happens, it will be a multi-platform game which means getting an Xbox/PC exclusive wouldn’t happen until 2025 and beyond.

I’m sure they’re talking about it and its likely to happen but I don’t think will hear anything about it until after the Bethesda deal closes.

They need to pick up Bloober too.

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He’s probably trolling us.

But it would be nice if they bought Asobo.

We will not hear about any further acquisitions until the Bethesda deal is wrapped up. But yes, I am sure Microsoft has mooted the possibility of an acquisition, but it’s down to whether Asobo wants to be acquired and whether a deal can be struck.

With embracer group raising even more money for acquisitions, xbox better snatch asobo up before embracer comes sniffing around

Unless Ms is just waiting for Embracer to build and then buy all Embracer studios at once



That would be a bad decision and worse than that guy’s mustache.

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I really hope that they can show it off at next year’s “E3” because if the game is already in a playable state then hopefully it means they can show it off once it starts to look like what they envisioned in a few months, imagine getting Fable, Perfect Dark, Avowed and new much better looking Halo Infinite gameplay in the same show, it would be fantastic!

I’m definitely expecting to see new gameplay at the June 2021 Games Showcase for Halo Infinite and would be shocked if they didn’t show it. If they can show a short gameplay trailer for Fable, Avowed and Perfect Dark, that would be icing on the cake.


I’m expecting to see gameplay from at least Fable and Perfect Dark at their 2021 showcase because they’ve already said Perfect Dark is in a playable state so they should be able to show something but no idea about Avowed, we know Obsidian shipped TOW last year so I’m not sure how long exactly they’ve been working full time on Avowed but they’re still a more veteran team than The Initiative so they’re probably further ahead, anyway while seeing better and more complete footage of Halo Infinite will be great it won’t do it alone, MS needs to have another big game that’s at least going to be released on 2022 alongside Halo Infinite in the show, I suspect that game will be Starfield and also have a feeling we’ll see a next gen Forza Horizon.

Yeah, im fully expecting Forza Horizon 5 reveal and gameplay trailer with a September 2021 release date. Also expecting a trailer for Starfield but with 2022 at the end of the trailer and it getting a huge segment at X021 with the release date being revealed as March 2022.

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I wonder if Horizon 5 will be next gen only, maybe they’ll do it like they did with Horizon 2 where another team worked on the 360 version but anyway I’d be surprised if we don’t see Horizon 5 next year, if we don’t then the game will most likely be a 2022 next gen only title.

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I feel like microsoft has aquired them and just not told anyone yet. Maybe they are waiting for the deal to finalize I also feel like Absobo isn’t the only one. I think its the same for Sony and bluepoint. Just announce all this already lol

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Yeah if its a 2021 title I think it’ll be crossgen depending how big they want to make it, I could see them cut support for XB1 to get it out in 2021. If the game is 2022 then it’ll be next gen only imo. I think 2021 will be the last year for sure for crossgen games, even Halo might be the only crossgen game next year.