Has MS already bought Asobo?

I was watching the game awards panel with Geoff, Phil Spencer and Lisa Su of Amd and this frame caught my attention

Phil Is dressing a Flight Simulator T-shirt with Asobo logo on the right arm and Xbox game studios logo on the left.

I know FS Is a Xbox IP but Phil sometimes shared similar clues on different videos. Do you Remember the series S?

This Is the First Time i seen a video of Phil with this T-shirt

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More just credit for the game. All the planes in game have ASXGS on them for Asobo and XGS. That said, I’m shocked they haven’t bought them yet. Maybe Asobo doesn’t want to sell or MS wants them to finish up with Focus.

Possibly but I don’t think the logos means much necessarily. Asobo are the developers and Xbox Game Studios/Microsoft are the publisher of the game. I do think Phil likes to leave little hints like that though so it’s possible.

Personally, since Asobo hasn’t revealed/announced their next game with Focus Home Interactive, I would think that Microsoft would prefer to acquire them beforehand and just buyout the rights to the contract for that individual game.

MS should try to acquire them: they are to much talented. They’ll become the new Insomniac.

Extremely talented. Plus, we would get A Plague Tale 2 exclusively to Xbox/PC so why not? Come on Phil, make it happen.


There’s another coincidence: FS Will launch on SerieX/S next Summer (probably June/july) with the final debut on E3 2021: the right Place ti announce the new acquisition

Pretty sure some people here already know the answer

Phil Spencer himself is a registered member of this site so acquired or not, he definitely knows.

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Has Phil ever posted on here?

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Yeah but only a few times though. I think he’s mainly a lurker. lol.


I don’t think acquisitions are the kinda thing you can or should tease. That’s far above a game announcement, that involves board of directors and government regulators and shit.


Lol if this was an indicator of an acquisition, then some Xbox official wearing a sonic shirt should have also meant they have acquired Sega, as that’s where all the rumors even started. Now sure many people want that to happen too lol but just saying. I would love for Asobo to be part of XGS but I wouldn’t put much license into this shirt.

Am I the only one who thinks these scenes in the CGI trailer of Perfect Dark look like it’s the same sort of tech that MS Flight Sim uses for the AI generated terrain/buildings? or am I just losing my mind.

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Buying Asobo and Bloober is a no brainer at this point, they REALLY need to finish the deals on those

its cgi

I’m not too sure about that yet. Especially the part where the camera goes through the street could be ingame. But maybe not.

They said its CGI :sweat_smile: better watch the reveal again :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well.

And yet Phil even played it, it’s not fair :expressionless: :wink: