Halo TV Show moves to Paramount+ streaming service, to debut Q1 2022


Halo ‘s long road to the small screen has taken one final turn. Showtime’s anticipated series based on the hugely popular Xbox video game franchise will migrate to Paramount+ and be available exclusively on ViacomCBS’ streamer. The announcement will be made during the ViacomCBS Streaming Event this afternoon.

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I can remember when this was announced lol. It sure has been a long road to get here.

I honestly cannot say what I think about it. It seems to have had a rocky road, and some of the details seem a bit out there, but apparently the executives were impressed hence using the show to push subscriptions.

I guess we shall see next year how it all lands.

don’t even know what this is

what shows are on Paramount+?

This was part of a huge roll-out of announcements (that actually seems to still be ongoing) including, most importantly, a new Reno 911! movie! It’s actually a pretty solid line-up. Click on this Tweet and read the thread:



Honestly I think this bodes well for the Halo series, or atleast is a sign that its going to be good. Paramount had to pay showtime to take the halo series off their hands, and that was after the execs saw the first episode. They wouldnt have invested the money if they couldnt see the potential there.

Here’s another cheat sheet that might be easier to digest:

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alright thanks, all that stuff gets picked up by local players, we’ll see who goes for it

What is Paramount+ ? Is it even avilable in the EU?

Right now it’s CBS All Access. On March 1st, I believe, it switches over to Paramount+.

So is CBS All Access available in the EU? If so, Paramount+ should be as well.

Hm not here at least. Maybe some of the bigger ones will stream it here.

For the Aussies here Paramount+ is the new-look 10 All Access streaming platform

10 All Access is changing to Paramount+

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I don’t think so


USA-CAN and Latin America


Nordic Countries and Australia

EU will be sailing the high seas I guess.

Paramount/CBS stuff tends to go onto Amazon Prime Video, that’s where we had Picard


Such a smart move to rename it to this, such a recognizable name. I can’t wait for this Halo show, I’m not the type to get really upset if it’s not exactly set off the books/game or w/e as long as it’s enjoyable to watch. I feel like this is going to be their Game of Thrones, I find it amusing on their tweets the Halo announcement was the most liked by a large margain it’s like 14K likes compared to the rest that are >1k.

Am excite.

Actually just signed up for this because a year of commercial free is usually $99 and right now it’s only $50. Not a ton of content, but I binged The Stand this weekend and am going to start up Star Trek Discovery next.

Hopefully Halo launches before my year is up lol

I recommend The Good Wife and The Good Fight

Both are legal dramas

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Halo switching to this from showtime is actually good news. It pairs nicely with Star Trek

Still upset that it isn’t one of the big services. I sub to Disney plus, Netflix,Hulu, Amazon prime, and HBO now.

Hulu is temporary because me and my kids are watching naruto. After that I’ll probably cancel. But this could contend with Hulu and Amazon prime for the 4th best streaming service. Edit- forgot about the apple streaming service. That’s also in competition for 4th best.

Interested in the Halo series, Criminal Minds and Frasier. Nothing else interests me from reading about everything that’s listed. Will wait until Halo goes on the service next year, subscribe for a month when the season for Halo is finished, watch everything in that single month and then cancel.