Halo TV Show moves to Paramount+ streaming service, to debut Q1 2022

Probably do the same thing. Although I’m interested in the Star Trek shows as well.

So I’ll probably sub when the first episode of halo drops, assuming the entire show will finish within 2 months. Then I’ll have seen everything I want to see by the time halo finishes.

I do wish it was on a more mainstream service so more people could watch it though.

I wait until the show concludes it’s current season. For The Mandalorian, I waited for the season to end and then signed up for a month to binge watch it. I stopped watching shows on a weekly basis when I stopped watching TV shows. Now, I just wait.

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Hey is this a good place to rant about how I hope the Halo show does well? :laughing:

As a guy who loved Deep Space Nine when it became serialized and the Battlestar Galactica remake…I wish for a great Halo show that is as high quality as those.

I’ve watched The Expanse recently and it hands down the best sci-fi ever made, but also just a really good show independent of the setting. The special effects and sets and everything is fantastic.

The Mandalorian is also quite good. And while both shows are quite different (The Expanse is like a 5 course meal and The Mandalorian is like the best cheeseburger you’ve ever had) I feel they represent a high bar for the Halo show.

The thing I was worried most about Halo was the set designs, the lack of sets, and poor visuals in general. Discovery and Picard suffer from these things and it’s not necessarily a budget thing. Both The Expanse and The Mandalorian do a great job of dealing with this in a manner that’s cost effective. If Halo is shot similarly to The Mando, you can have it take place in all sorts of ships, planets, Halo rings, and it won’t break the bank. Coincidentally this tech uses Unreal Engine, and Microsoft already has high definition assets from Blur Studios in their Halo 2 CG scenes.

Where Discovery and Picard also fail in is writing. From the overall story to the individual lines, there’s a lot to be desired. No I’m not just picking on Star Treks recent shows here, most can agree that the Star Wars sequels have fell short in this regard as well. Most agree that The Mandalorian is a bright spot in the Star Wars franchise at the moment.

When it comes to The Expanse it had the advantage of being based off of fully fleshed out novels. I’ve begun rewatching the show, and lines said in the first episode tie in to what happens in season 5. You’re not dealing with apparent plotholes and such. And here’s where Halo has an advantage: having a great line of novels that flesh out the universe and create a roadmap of consistency for the writers to play in.

What I’ve noticed though is that all of these shows have a great producer/showrunner and shows that are struggling have people that are either fighting their executives or have a completely different mindset from the source material.

Join Favreau, Ronald D. Moore, Naren Shankar… These guys put out good work. I’ve never seen Kyle Killam’s shows but they seem to be generally well received but didn’t get large enough audiences to warrant extending some of them. None of them are sci-fi though one sounds like it isn’t completely set in reality either. I like that he’s the showrunner and writer which indicates to me he knows exactly what he wants to do with the show.

Due to my trepidation I’ve never been overly hyped for this, but it’s cool that it’s hitting a more mainstream service than the Showtime channel, and I still hope it’s very good.