Halo TV Series arrives March 24th on Paramount+. Full Trailer now Online

New Footage!

First listen to Pablo as Chief!


Assault Rifle!


Oh wow!!! I wasn’t expecting the Halo TV series until late 2022/early 2023. Will have to update my movie/tv streaming lists!!!

Hope the trailer is good as im a football guy and in turn will be watching both championship games today!! 49ers baby!!!

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:eyes: Forerunner Artifact. :eyes:

Was that the Index?

Didn’t look like it.

Thursday, March 24th on Paramount+.

Be there or be teabagged.


3 months of Paramount+ with Game Pass Ultimate incoming


Please don’t show Chiefs face please don’t show his face. Take notes from Dredd, Karl Urban never showed his face and the movie was better for it.

I hope the story is also kept to a minimum. The Mandalorian had basically no story, it was a game in tv format and it was amazing.

So far the visuals look amazing. Chief and other spartans look as good as you can hope for, vehicles as well. If they can nail the Covenant as well it’s visually perfection. I hope the story isn’t typical tv cringe fest. I couldnt sit through the last 2 seasons of Expanse because of it.


I’m loving what I see. It feels epic !

I hope we get news for Europe soon because for now they are only promoting it and talking about it in the US.


I still wonder how the show is gonna get distributed where we are, since Paramount + is not there yet. There were rumours of Netflix or Amazon doing the distribution instead, but we have yet to see.

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Here there be dragons…



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Probably out it on Showtime App if it’s available then?

In several EU contries Paramount signed a deal with Sky for Halo and their other series.

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Showtime is not there yet as well, our laws are quite annoying in that regard. However, we know for sure there is gonna be adistribution since our voice actor for MC said he would be doing the same role in the show.

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Trailer was nice but I still dont know what to think. Some of the visuals look nice and then at times It looks like a CW show.


Schreiber’s voice is surprisingly pretty good.

Covenant look great.

Human raised by Covenant is still a bad call.

Cortana creeped me the fuck out. Cortana is not meant to look that human.


Holy shit Cortana looks AWFUL.

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Action looks good! Not sold on the acting though, it feels a bit static.

Worms = Hunter’s without Shell? Or Flood?

A Human working with Prophets?