Halo: The Master Chief Collection will target 4k and 120 FPS on Xbox Series X

120 FPS on Series X and S up to 4K on Series X November 17th


Important to know if they fixed it or not

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Phil was playing Halo 5 the other day…coincidence…or…is that being done too?


I am pleased.

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I saw him playing MCC last night

This is incredible news.

I’ve played MCC more than any other game on my One X. It’s been a constant go to.

Very excited to play this at 120 FPS on my Series X and LG OLED…


I am willing to bet Halo 5 also gets a Series Update.

Absolutely! Before Game Pass I was already up to 700+ Xbox games so I’m bitten with indecision anxiety a lot and MCC is always one of those safe choices that brings me back time and time again.

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Halo 2 Anniversary is going to look god damn incredible.


Really hope halo 5 gets a series x update.



I guess from now on I should just assume MCC will always be installed no matter which console I have XD


Can’t wait to play this bad boy collection again, the memories are flooding in. :sob:


Also anyone want to carry me through halo 2 on legendary?

Or help me with ODST and reach legendary on the collection?

Never played ODST before.

Well it’s a good thing I saved my replay of MCC for the XSX.

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Would much prefer these games get RT like in some PC mods. 120 fps is great for MP, but almost nobody has a TV that even displays 120 fps afaik.

This has to be in the conversation for best collections in gaming


Awesome news for me personally as I have never played any of the Halo games so to be able to play the campaigns in Native 4K at 120FPS is amazing. Very hyped!!!

I’m very happy about this news but can we now get sunset overdrive in 4k 120 fps now that would be something

Halo 5. 4K. 120 FPS. Enhanced visuals.

Please 343, best multiplayer in Halo saga deserve it (yes, I mean it, even if the campaign is dissapointing, it’s my favorite Halo in MP with Halo 3).

And FOV is the big news for me here !