Halo Switching Engine to Unreal?

Hi all, I know there has been some recent rumours about halo switching engine so thought I’d make a thread.

It was discussed on the Era podcast this week and now ACG has mentioned he’s heard some noise about it https://twitter.com/jeremypenter/status/1576617038206099456

Thoughts on if this is good for Xbox/Halo overall etc.personally I think it is good as more devs will have knowledge of the engine making life easier for them & improve the flow of content.

Also Mods please delete this thread is this is already a conversation elsewhere.

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I saw that Jez and/or Rhand had a video about this, the podcasts that they always do. I don’t watch podcasts much, barely really but apparently they speak about the Halo rumors there. But I haven’t seen it posted here yet.

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Its good if you think Halo has already enough content for the next 5 years.


This doesn’t make sense at all. They are just pushing out Forge, which is based on Slipspace and now they will switch to something else? And then onboarding the whole team to a new engine, even if it’s UE5, sounds like a lot of trouble, less output, and more delays.


Really not sure. I have a history of looking at these things form the money side. So my guess is with Slipspace they keep 100% of the revenue and can charge for forge maps (like Minecraft does), while if they use Unreal they owe Epic a percentage. Basically what Jez thinks.

I’d also add Unreal is the industry gold standard and many devs new and old know it so that could be a large factor. Would certainly help with creating content.


I don’t know about this.

Unreal is a good place to get loads of devs who “know what they are doing” but Slipspace is what Forge is built in, so unless there are plans to split everything out - make Infinite a Minecraft-like Halo game, where building stuff is the whole point of it, and a new campaign is built in Unreal…

Who knows. It is a choice, either way.

The good: Better graphics, less maintenance for engine, faster iteration, more collaborative with other studios.

The bad: Forge and other highly customized features, old halo feel might not be supported well.

Well I guess it’s still a good trade-off

Personally, I prefer the in house engine , more physics polished animation and high details heavy immersive … so sad

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I doubt this quite a lot. With co-op and forge being virtually done, they are over the hump.



I refuse to believe that Halo Infinite is switching to Unreal. It makes literally zero sense to throw away all of the work they’ve already put in and the 6 years of engine and gameplay development to get to this point. This will just take the game even longer to get to where it needs to be.

If this is happening at all, it has to be just for the BR or for future games.

Halo has never charged anything for Forge content? It’s all free.


No way 343 can support infinite on slip space and 2 (TWO!) other games (supposed new halo and the BR) on unreal.

This rumor is completely fake


Coming down on the side of devils advocate

  • I could see them switching to UE5/6 for Halo Infinite 2
  • I could see them switching to UE5 to make the next expansion and that’s integrated into Halo Infinite like the many games/engine as The Master Chief Collection does
  • I could see the Certain Affinity game being UE5 and merged into Halo Infinite like the many games/engine as The Master Chief Collection does
  • I cannot see Halo Infinite being ported into UE4/5 in any way
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Unless they drastically change their plans, Halo Infinite 2 won’t be for another 9 years. They committed to 10 years for Halo Infinite, which presumanly means all campaigns launching as DLC for the game like the first campaign was.

I don’t see how anything that would have Infinite integration (i.e. the BR and the next campaign) could be in Unreal while the base game is in Slipspace.

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I feel like we can say with certainty that today’s plan is not the same as 2019’s plan.

IF the updates to the engine did not have the results they had intended, I wouldn’t be suprised if they continue to support Infinite MP and work towards a new game in the background with a different engine.

The engine/how this game feels and plays, are literally the only two good things about the game at the moment. Throwing even that away will be insane for them, but what do I know it’s been blunder after blunder for halo/343 even before it released so nothing would surprise me at this point.

If an engine change is happening, imo it will only be for the BR mode, as UE has already proven it can work. But it will not support forge as it’s in Infinite, so CA will have to use whatever tools Epic developed for user created content, or just not allow any.

Yeah, thats why i dont think this rumor is true.