Halo |OT| Master Chief's Breath of the Wild Moment (Part 1)

Good shit !

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Something interesting I saw in the Inside Infinite:


Nice. Vehicles in Halo are some of them best in any FPS.

I love how they focus on vehicles with coop options.

Infinite needs to score at least an 88/100 to make Halo a top tier franchise again

Am here to bless your timelines

I may or may not have got into the rabbit hole of these and they’re all amazing.


A new episode of YHMAH hit today!

Also my review of Halo: The MCC hits tomorrow at 10AM EST for anyone interested :slight_smile:

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How about a little shameless self promo?


Infinite online needs to be good because Casuals wont care about campaign.

Robust Online >>>> campaign

For long term success.


It’s a long and pretty comprehensive review but there is one big thing I see about MCC which is lacking compared to the individual releases, that is the custom game UI.

It is so difficult and disjointed to try and navigate, particularly as someone who knew the old games really well. It doesn’t help that the options available are different for each game.

I also think the discovery system for finding other people’s custom games and maps is pretty awful.

Now if you only play campaign or matchmaking these points probably don’t matter but to me as a package this prevents the game getting anywhere near a perfect score.

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scores are always so subjective, I’d love to not have to give them

I couldn’t agree more, because as soon as you say something negative about a game how can it have a perfect score? Not having a go at you here, this is my opinion about reviews in general. Would much rather read a well written narrative piece with plusses and minuses in summary at the end. I get why sites do put scores (particularly if contributing to sites like Metacritic) but finding a site and writers I trust is way more important.

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Yeah, a 10 isn’t “perfect” it’s “masterpiece” to me.

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Fair enough! However 10/10 is often interpreted as a perfect score. Perhaps as a review team some definitions of what the different numerical scores mean would make that point more obvious.

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I’m not sure any websites ever put “perfect” next to a 10/10 anymore, and I can’t remember any that did.

I was talking generally, 10/10 is a perfect score in anything in life, not just reviews. Anyway a certain admin has sent me the link to the sites score policy which covers what I was asking and your rating of it as a masterpiece. Fully respect the effort and position of your review :+1:

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Spartan Abilities or Equipment

Which one do you prefer more and why?

equipment and not even close but id take either over the spartan thrust

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