Halo Infinite: Xbox player count continues to impress despite Steam slump

Halo Infinite: Xbox player count continues to impress despite Steam slump (trueachievements.com)

Halo Infinite’s Steam player base might have taken a nosedive according to reports that emerged over the weekend, but those figures don’t tell the full story — our own Xbox data suggests the game is still going strong two months after its full release.

For our regular Gameplay Chart, we track around 2.5 million active Xbox accounts to find out which are the most-played games of each week. Sure, it’s far from the full Xbox player base, but it’s still comfortably a large enough sample size to get an accurate cross-section of what people have been playing. Contrary to those plummeting Steam numbers — the game has dropped from a concurrent peak of over 260,000 to below 10,000 players at the time of writing — our data from the last week actually shows a very slight increase in Halo Infinite’s Xbox player base, with more than 10% of all tracked Xbox accounts having played Infinite in the last seven days.

Granted, Infinite’s player percentage has dropped off substantially since late last year, with around 25% of tracked players firing up the game in the week its free-to-play multiplayer launched in beta and an extremely impressive 30% of tracked players getting involved in Infinite’s full launch week.

With the first big content drop still three months away, we have little doubt that Infinite’s numbers will fall off somewhat as players wrap up the campaign and start to tire of the multiplayer component’s minimal map selection, slow progression, and ongoing issues. Right now, though, our data paints a picture of a game in rude health and one with more staying power than any of its recent or relevant peers, and each and every major update will inevitably bring back many lapsed players to give the user base another much-needed boost. Infinite shows absolutely no signs of relinquishing its spot as one of the most-played games on Xbox any time soon, although we’ll have to wait and see whether upcoming big releases like Elden Ring might have anything to say about that.

This was something I’d been asking people the last couple of weeks, as reports of Infinite’s struggling playerbase started to come out. In the True Achievement charts, the game has been doing great, even while it was dropping player count on steam. I’m not entirely sure how accurate their charts are, so if they’ve been found to be completely inaccurate, I’ll go ahead and delete this post.

Overall though, I do think that the recent reports were over-reliant on steam and twitch numbers. Halo Infinite certainly does need more work on the PC side especially, what with no in-game report feature and being unable to turn cross-play off. That being said, I did think it was weird everyone was ignoring the Xbox app on PC, where anyone who played the campaign through gamepass would have installed it.

And heck, don’t even get me started on using twitch numbers as any real metric of game playerbase.


There is a strange narrative on reddit/era (other) that no one uses the xbox app on PC, which is really at odds with what I have seen in my gaming circle at least. Yeah the app isn’t the greatest, but your crazy if you think I’m not going to use it to take advantage of gamepass.

Regardless my Halo playtime has naturally gone down since maxing out the battlepass. The one sticking point I will say is 3 months does feel like an eternity away to get any new major content, but it is what it is.


Yep, it does suck that season 2 is still so far away. I’m still enjoying the game, and I’ll play through the challenges if its an event I’m interested in, etc, but I’m definitely playing less today than I used to be.

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Yea I noticed I haven’t been playing as much either since there isn’t much to do after the battlepass is done

Yeah battle pass done. Unless the weekly is worth me coming back I will probably take a week off. Would most likely be the first weekly I don’t complete. But guessing it will be that noble sacrifice emblem but for vehicles.

So unless it is an event or a weekly worth grinding for I will probably take weeks off to knock other games out. Got deaths door and Hitman lined up. Probably some other gamepass games coming that might be worth trying to knock out.

Hopefully the new season brings a good selection of maps and a solid battle pass with weekly rewards with attempting. Even if they are just weapon skins like this week it is probably enough to have me complete it.

I still play several times a week - but less now for sure

The game is still amazing to play - but having finished the battle pass, the lack of progression is very evident. The small events somewhat make up for this - but they are very limited in scope

Still, as barebones as it is, it is still the most fun multiplayer I had in 10 years +… so I am really hopeful for the future with more content, unlocks and modes


“I’ve finished the season pass and have a month of in-game play time, where’s the content 343!? Dead game!”

I see these comments all over Reddit. Zero self-awareness. The game needs more content, sure, but the championing for it to die off is so on brand for non-Xbox gaming communities.


I have long said that using Twitch numbers to describe a game’s popular is problematic, at best. Classic case of false correlation.


I think especially for an Arena game like Halo imo where the reality is that its not really fun to watch unless its an event.

Twitch numbers are meaninglessness, Halo is game that’s more fun to play than watching it.

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Would you look at that… (US)


I believe on PC a lot of people moved to Game Pass app. As long as Halo is in top on Xbox, it doesn’t matter.

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I think main issue not much else to do or to strive for once battle pass is completed . Me personally competed it last month and not much else to do except play a couple of games or 2. I am onyx on ranked but prefer to play ranked with friends and some moved back to war zone or Apex. I think they need shorten season and make challenges not impact play style or give much more xbo for wins. Anyways gameplay is awesome they just need to update it with more maps and modes .

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Agreed on all accounts. Though I believe regular seasons will last 3 months, rather than 6. So basically right about now we’d have been getting season 2.


Halo Infinite needs a big PvPvE for casuals. I don’t think BTB is attractive and accessible enough for casuals.


I am not sure if anything else aside BR is accessible to casuals these days.

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Tarkov is pretty popular.

I thought warzone mode in H5 would be something that would work well for Infinite. I think there was a warzone PVE mode that was pretty fun too

Don’t worry, the playerbase will explode once it is available on PlayStation. :wink:

It’s doing good on Xbox but it really won’t explode again until Forge, Customer Game Browser and that supposed massive mode from Creative Assembly comes out