Halo Infinite wins Player's Voice 2021 at The Game Awards



Well done 343i

Oooof I can just imagine the salt already.

Its my game of the year by a country mile. The MP was enough for me to say its game of the year - possibly of the decade. Its just an MP experience that beats out just about everything else I can think of. There are other games that run it close and it will need time to fully decide where it sits on that for me. But certainly the best MP game since Overwatch and I think it will topple that. Whether I’ll sink 500 hours in as I did with BF3 time will tell. MP alone is better than anything else released this year. And sadly that includes FH5 which is a tremendous game and outstanding game but HI just has the feeling of real classic Halo but with innovations on top.

As for single player I’ve only just started but again this game has me hooked like nothing else has done in years. Whilst Halo tends to do that I love this campaign so far. When people say ‘its just another Halo’ I feel like this is as big a reboot as God of War - but its cleverly done to remain faithful to the Halo spirit and not alienate the fan base.

I’d say this is more than deserved as I don’t think any game comes close to Halo this year. In fact I’m certain of it.


I like the fact that this has won befoe the players have played it. “players’s Voice” indeed.

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I mean people have been playing the multiplayer for weeks to be fair. If that’s their favourite game of the year then what’s the problem?


The MP alone is game of the year. And people have played that plenty.

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Hoep that is what they intended, otherwise the cover image there is of the Campaign.

naah I think campaign should be part of the consideration cuz it being great makes the package more viable for a GOTY than the MP alone imo. Of course the voting itself was weird and based on just half of the product with an expectation and extrapolation of the campaign being similarly good which it perhaps is.


The Multiplayer is a standalone product though, lots of people playing it will never touch the campaign.


I suppose it would be comparable to games like Fortnite, Apex, Overwatch when they’re considered for GOTY.

There’s something to be said about a game that I find this compelling to play even though I’m annoyed by everything around it (challenges, progression, battle pass, playlists, and more) but I’m loving the gameplay, the modes, the level designs, and the general in-game sandbox.

But it is still sorta funny because of the shared title with the campaign game. While Halo ranks higher than CoD & BF this year and deserves that recognition. Metroid Dread and FH5 also captivated critics and players with more complete offerings.

Ultimately even though the vote was premature it ended up being the right call when you consider the critical acclaim for Halo Infinite. With many calling it the best Halo game ever. From the little I played so far, I’m in love and can see that.

makes sense but it also goes the other way around. Personally, the MPs strengths alone aren’t enough to get to that GOTY level, the campaign has to be part of it as well and because the campaign is good, it elevates the whole product of Halo Infinite SP+MP.

It’s a player’s choice award. There really is nothing to it. People voted for the game they wanted to win, and that’s pretty much it.

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The Halo community is one of the funniest ever. Constantly complaining about everything regards to Halo, but will do anything to make this game shine outside of their bubble.

I agree that a campaign and MP together are stronger than either apart, but games that have no Multiplayer at all win awards all the time, so there is no reason a Multiplayer only game can’t too.

It’s kind of a moot point since it DID win the popular vote, and when you think about the numbers, that has to be on its merits and nothing else.

The idea I am seeing on other forums and social media that Xbox as a brand can win a ‘popularity contest’ is somewhat out of whack with reality.

There are around twice as many Playstations in circulation as there are Xboxes, and even more Switches. Any Xbox title has an automatic disadvantage in any popular vote as a result of its a smaller install base.

By the stats, a multiplat game has the most chance, followed by a Nintendo game, then a Playstation game, then an Xbox game, just based on potential player count. In reality it probably goes Multiplat > Playstation > Nintendo > Xbox, as for whatever reason Playstation fans tend to get their knickers in a twist over awards more than any other community.

For Halo MP to win this, and by quite a margin, it means that a LOT of PC players who don’t give a shit about Xbox or console wars voted for it too. It has nothing to do with people wanting Xbox to win, it has to do with people loving Halo Infinite.

Personally, for me, I voted for Forza Horizon 5. The reason for that is I like to play the Halo campaign first and then jump into MP. While I have to admit I have dabbled a little in MP ahead of launch, I haven’t really delved into it enough to warrant a vote.

But a LOT of people felt this was GOTY, and it was nothing to do with backing the Xbox brand, as the raw stats just don’t allow for that.


There is also the f2p/game pass element to these things. Xbox is probably going to win more of these awards in the future. One of the inherent positives of a low barrier of entry is that tons of people can play a game without having to spend a lot. I’m interested in playing Metroid Dread, but not enough to spend 50 euros on it whilst I still have a backlog on my Switch. You don’t have this problem with Xbox first party games.

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Yep, the FTP model definitely helped. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t try the same model for Gears 6.

But to win a popular vote by this margin with the smallest market share proves that the people voting for it were not just Xbox fans wanting the Xbox brand to win – there just aren’t the numbers to carry it.

The win relies on a tonne of PC players, yeah playing FTP, to cast their votes too. It’s on merit.


so… me :raising_hand_man:


Hmm I wanted to vote for FH5 too, it’s just phenomenal and if I get in once, it’ll be hours before I quit it lol. But ultimately chose Halo due to how much fun I’d already had in the MP and anticipated having with the campaign and so far I am.

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I will no doubt end up liking Halo Infinite more … in fact I already do … but the vote was up before I’d got the campaign and like I said, I’ve only dabbled a little in the MP as I always like to beat the campaign first with Halo games – it’s just what I’ve always done.

As a genre, a franchise, in general, I am more of a Halo guy than a Forza Horizon guy – but I couldn’t in all good conscience vote on faith. I know I loved Forza Horizon 5, so it got my vote.

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