Halo Infinite wins Player's Voice 2021 at The Game Awards

Forza probably would have done a lot better if Halo wasnt there but there can only be one

Either way, both were worthy winners

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well deserved, I hope microsoft thrown lots of money into joe staten face and keep him as halo leader forever.

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Great for Halo, well deserved. 343 worked super hard.

I personally voted Forza but with the way the campaign is going, there is a distinct possibility Halo edges it out for GOTY. Which would be a first. Seriously, they fucking nailed it.


See I don’t think you can define complete like that. Were people enjoying Halo Infinite - yes. Were they sinking hours in - yes. And it was a vote and people clearly enjoyed in greater numbers than those games.

I played FH5 and Psychonauts 2. Both great. Do I think either are close to the level of Halo Infinite in terms of my enjoyment? No. Not even close - and that’s true before the campaign launched.

So it was easy for me. Halo Infinite is my favourite game this year, possibly my favourite game since OG Destiny. Maybe it will even top that.

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Wild to think that Xbox first-party accounted for close to half of the cast votes. Sony did have a pretty quiet year but it’s still not something I ever could have guessed. Massive props to the teams responsible for both games and to the leadership that enabled them to deliver such high-quality products.

I have to admit that beyond the quality of the games, I’m pleased that Halo Infinite got such recognition because

  1. I love a good comeback story and I felt so bad for the team when the entire internet made fun of their work
  2. Since it released so late in the year and next year looks pretty stacked, I doubt they’re going to get as much adulation at the next awards
  3. I hope this normalizes delaying games a bit more, when it’s feasible. I know people get impatient because they buy into hype but it’s so much better to get a polished experience later than expected in my opinion.

Goes to show you how silly Geoff’s cutoff is and how he should move event to January. From what I have played so far Halo has def been my GOTY but it can’t be nominated due to releasing in December. Also it may get passed next year due to people wanting to see newer content nominated over it


Not sure if anyone will actually remember this, but do we know if Players Voice Award has been part of the previous broadcasts, or not?

Very curious to see if it has been, if it will suddenly not be this year

It was but very quick.

Absolutely well deserved. I’ve been loving the multiplayer, and what little I’ve played of the single-player has been excellent. It’s definitely my GOTY so far. Congrats to 343 for pulling it off. It obviously wasn’t easy.

I voted for FH5 at first. Had Psychonauts 2 at second place, and Halo Infinite MP on third on my GOTY-list.

Last night I started the campaign of Halo and… I changed my vote to Halo Infinite.

GOTY indeed.


ok so yall can finally stop with the weird posts :rofl:


And in a few months, it will win overall 2021 game of the year so everyone can stop bitching about TGA which is just one single award.

Shocked! Did Phil or Greenie go on a twitter campaign? :grinning:

I find it HYSTERICAL on other forums people are trying to downplay this by saying it’s just a “popularity contest” Well no shit that is the whole point of a fan vote for game of the year, it is supposed to be a “literal” popularity contest and it won.

Well deserved the MP is pretty amazing by itself and it’s what people voted on, the campaign so far has been amazing and also itself deserves a goty.

If you REALLY want to piss people off give it 2 Goty’s one for MP and one for SP and it would actually deserve it.

I’m glad they stuck the landing and produced a great complete package. I also look forward to SP DLC, lots of possible ways this could go


It’s definitely Multiplayer of the Year for me. I haven’t played multiplayer this good in a long, long, long time.


Considering it’s a business I would think xbox is thrilled halo is popular. More $$$…

For me its really surprising that Xbox can win a popularity award. And the vote was not even that close!


I guess this means we can expect a Halo Infinite “Game of the Year” disk edition, perhaps even with a playable game on the disk.


My physical copy still hasn’t arrived, so I don’t know what’s there inside, anyway it would need at least 2 discs, because they use the 50GB format 9/10 times, if there is only one, it’ll never contain the whole package.