Halo Infinite wins IGN's People's Choice GOTY

So Halo won both Game Awards’s Player’s Voice and IGN’s People’s Choice.



Come on…I need many more game of the year awards for Halo Infinite. Critics/Readers, doesn’t matter. Let’s go!!!


Getting tired of winning


Suffering from success.


So far the total stands at 4, according to the Game of the Year tracker:

  • Dexterto, Game of the Year
  • Game Informer, Game of the Year
  • IGN, People’s Choice Game of the Year
  • The Game Awards, Player’s Choice Game of the Year (multiplayer only)

Here’s to it winning many more, but it’s safe to say that Xbox Game Studios is having a hell of a year. Aside from Halo Infinite, they’ve also got Deathloop (9), Forza (5), and Psychonauts 2 (3).


The more I play, the more I feel like it is deserved.

I was yelling at my television while playing MP. Some parts are frustrating as hell, but good lord if it isn’t the best playing shooter I’ve experienced in a long ass time.

I have some gripes with the campaign, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel things towards the end. The whole game feels like a warm hug. Can’t get better than that.

Halo only won because it’s popular.


Halo Infinite is a fuckin’ awesome game AND really popular so it’s a pretty easy win yeah.

Congrats to 343! they deserve all the praise and then some! :partying_face:

It was sarcasm on my part. In reality Halo has not been popular in recent years. For it to win a popularity contest is pretty amazing.


It’s funny how people said it was DOA, no one cares about Halo and using Twitch numbers to say no one wants to play it and it’s bad yet here we are.


Lol, it has more views than the Warzone garbage. XD

BF2042 is already out of the picture, classic EA launch.

Been a great year for Xbox, about 4 xbox studio games are picking up all the Goty awards. Halo has been awesome and deserves it. A great return.


It’s so weird that Halo is dead, Xbox is dead and yet there are so many trolls/fanboys for this series and platform that are both dead voting for them. First The Game Awards and now this. When will it end?


New totals:

  • Deathlooop: 19
  • Forza: 18
  • Halo: 16 (including multiplayer)
  • Psychonauts: 7
  • Age of Empires: 1

As I said, XGS is having a good year.