Halo Infinite | Technical Flight Community Montage

With the imminent arrival of the Halo Infinite flight this weekend, itself being focused on PVP instead of those admirable bots, we figured the time was ripe to use this opportunity to celebrate everything we love about multiplayer Halo.

The amazing reversals, the 360 no-scopes, the incredibly skilled cross-map sticky grenades and everything else wonderful and blood-pumping about intense 4v4 Halo arena gameplay.

Of course, classic arena gameplay is not all we’ve got to look forward to – Big Team Battle returns the following weekend (September 30th – October 4th), and it’s bigger than ever.

We Need a Montage

So, we’re pleased to announce that pending everyone’s submissions – we’re going to create the most community orientated Halo multiplayer montage ever (until the next one, at any rate!)

And what kind of community would we be if we limited our clips to just the most skilful of plays, ignoring the utter carnage that can occur with a full Halo sandbox in tow?

(We’d be rubbish, that’s what!)

How to Participate

Step 1: Play the Halo Infinite Flight when it’s available!

You have to be a registered insider in order to do that – and if you haven’t registered by now, this is where your journey ends. They gave you a bunch of reminders on this!

Step 2: Do something incredible!

Do something awesome! Glitches, skilful plays, vehicular mayhem, goofs, funny moments – we want it ALL.

Step 3: Xbox (or PC!) – Record that!

Use your native Xbox One or Xbox Series S|X native recording software to clip your most ultimate bad-assery! We will also accept clips via external recording software/Shaowplay/Xbox Gamebar, as long as the quality is the best it can be.

4K/60 is encouraged , but not a requirement.

Step 4: Send us an email with a link to your clip!

We’d prefer not to have our mailbox inundated with many gigabytes worth of direct feed Halo capture, as cool as it may sound. No, we’d like you to share you clip either via XboxLive (if the system allows it this time) Onedrive or Youtube, and simply send us a link so we can download it.

Where can I send it?

Right here – YouHadMeAtHalo@xboxera.com

Here’s a handy template you can copy and paste:




Discuss, debate, deliberate!

We know that folks will want to discuss the clips they take and share them for all to see, so we’ve created this special thread in which the community can share their amazing moments, should they wish to!

In order for this grand venture to succeed, we need YOU to spread the word far and wide! So please, for the love of all things Halo, tell a friend and invite them along.


I have never had an amazing moment in a game and I doubt that will change with halo, but I’m game to try. Doubtless you need clips of people being terrible too :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have the conundrum of wanting to stream a ton but also wanting as many 4k/60 clips as possible for this and the review…


I’ll send you my clips to use. They’ll be better than yours anyway

Jose Manalo Cute Smile GIF by Eat Bulaga

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Stream AND use Xbox Record that?

only 1080/60. I’m 4k all the way baby

Better than nothing man!

And the files will be smaller and quicker to upload for whatever poor schmoe is putting the montage together


Nah, me! Though I may lean on Predrag for some fancy bits, art wise.

I heard on the street that the best montages are just collections of awesome clips stitched together :risi:.

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And if the clips are not awesome, what would the montage be?

…It would be rubbish

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Sent mine

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