Halo Infinite Tech Preview July 29th- Aug 1st

I did not see a thread on this yet so here it is,

The first Halo infinite Tech preview starts tomorrow, those of us that got in are getting emails like below, It seems the emails went out in waves yesterday

From what I have heard this a just a MP tech preview with BOTS only, but it should be fun and should give us an indication of graphic quality where the Campaign may look even better.


Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to participate in the upcoming Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview this weekend, July 29 - August 1! This email is to confirm your selection and inform you that you will receive all the details for this flight, including instructions on how to download your pre-release build, in the next few days via email and Waypoint message.

Please make sure to keep an eye out for your invitation email and visit [www.halowaypoint.com]

A live stream going over the tech preview will start today at 2pm PT/5pm EST

Tomorrow, we’re going live with the first look at #HaloInfinite’s upcoming technical preview! Hear directly from the team about what’s in store, and how you’ll get in if you’re selected.

🕙 Wednesday, July 28th @ 2PM PT
📺🟣: https://t.co/dda9QxxAU8
📺🔴: https://t.co/ZPEd9AiBUx pic.twitter.com/lQzaZP4Cs1

— Halo (@Halo) July 27, 2021

Yep, good call. I’m so ready for it.

We’ll have a LOT to discuss. Finally. I can’t wait !

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Got my e-mail. I’ll be home in time to check out the livestream today.

Can’t wait!

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HYPE can’t wait to play this game finally

They seem to be streaming this live in 12 minutes on the Halo Youtube and Twitch channels.

Watched these both to get ready for the stream and the eventual flight soon, let’s goooooooooooo

jesus christ the audio lag. :grimacing:

See there isn’t lag on the twitch stream.

It has been fixed on YouTube but it was bad at the start.

As suspected, future flights will expand the number of invites.

The Xbox One version lives!!!

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Wow the game looks pretty good on Xbox One!


the settings are extensive lol, definitely the experience working on PC coming in clutch

Finally we can drop weapons.

So the theatre has been confirmed and now that can be crossed off the list.

Yeah, it looks better then expected.

It’s never been in doubt for me when it comes to the multiplayer since it is FTP, so 343i will want as many PC players to be able to play it and have a good experience.

if they add a setting for disabling bloom and chromatic aberration only on PC i will riot

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Oh god that tank :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Not bad at all for Xbox One. But hopefully they can show some Series X love too today. :slight_smile:

‘Equipped for multiplayer’ :thinking:

We are definitely going to be able to use the customisation in single player content at some point.

yep, they told they’ll show a match on Series X at the end