Halo Infinite releasing fall 2021 - Halo Waypoint

I think it is a case of a ‘push ahead’ mentality and ‘it will all come together in the end.’

It’s easy for us to sit here and say ‘delay the game’ but a lot of money and marketing was tied up in the release of the game - we have all seen it - and it’s a case of easier said than done.

Fortunately, Phil did make the right decision, because the potential damage done to the brand would be far greater than the marketing money etc.


C-C-C-C-C-Called it


I dunno. It makes sense commercially to launch in the fall, and they can add some time for the game to be even better than it would be, even if that was already pretty good.

PR wise it also makes sense to give extra time so the game can be well acclaimed rather than leaving the door open for reviews to tear the game apart over minor issues.

Joseph has played through the campaign twice :eyes:

The decision seem to be very well received and I agree. Excellent decision to postpone. Better save the game and make it the best it can be. Such time can be a saving grace.


I said this in the other thread and I’ll effing say it again here:

I’m glad this came out today.

Yes it’s 117, but also:

This gets it out ahead of Jason Schrier’s hitpiece that’s coming. It’s no longer damage control. They now control the narrative and can respond to any dirt that Jason digs up and posts.

They are now in control.




Not surprised by the Fall 2021 release date as I have been predicting November 5th, 2021 as it makes too much sense for various reasons. Looking forward to it!!!

Custom Halo Infinite consoles/controllers/bundles for $500 will be amazing. Best of all, the box/packaging is already done except for the look of the console on the box which im sure they can change.

Halo Infinite will be massive for Xbox in general next Holiday season. Super hyped!!!

Those screen shots look great. Did they say if that was from the Xbox Series X or PC version of the game? I wish they would show some images from the single player campaign.

Can’t wait for the Xbox Games Showcase next June. It should be fucking stacked!!!

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Also the 20th Anniversary of Xbox.

Special Edition Xbox incoming for sure. Either 20th Anniversary or Halo Infinite Special Edition.

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Hitpiece? Since when is reporting the facts a hitpiece? Jason has some of the best journalism in the entire industry.

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Hitpiece is a strong word, but I stand by my statement.


Very happy with this.



I do feel they should drop the xbox one version of the game since it’s going to be fall 2021. However probably too late in development to do that

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They really went indepth with this massive great news good luck 343i!

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Are people satisfied yet?

Oh wait, they will never be satisfied, not even in this god damn pandemic 🤦


I’m absolutely fine with this delay and the update from 343. Unlike some, I’ve loved every Halo title from 343, and have always appreciated the fact that they interweave so much of the expanded universe and push their tech to the limits. Halo Infinite may have appeared bad to some but I always knew it was several builds old and a hell of a lot more real than most e3 presentation demos we see from other sources (Sony is infamous for their bullshots, and this year was no different). That said, 343 has a lot of pressure being the heralds of one of the biggest franchises with a fan base that’s as vitriolic as they are loyal, so it’s better to do things as right on the front end as possible. Besides, I have more than 700 games waiting to be played and waiting an extra year for a game that will most likely eat much of that time is fine with me.


For real, people need to get a fucking grip and some perspective.

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Everyone knew the campaign was complete though. They wouldn’t dare think of releasing the game this year if it wasn’t.

I’m satisfied and very happy. Including multi-platform games, 2 PS5 exclusives, a bunch of Xbox Series X timed console exclusives, I have a shit ton of games to play before Halo Infinite including the entire main line Halo series so im very hyped right now. Two weeks from tomorrow, I should finally have the Xbox Series X!!! HYPED!!! :joy: