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Hey everyone, I’m Joseph Staten. If you’ve been a longtime part of the Halo community, you may already know me. If you’re new to the community: Hello! It’s great to meet you.

I was part of the Bungie team who made Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST and Halo Reach. I came up on the design side of these projects, wearing many different hats over the years including writer, cinematic director, creative director—even a voice for the Grunts.

After Reach shipped, I became a Halo fan, cheering-on 343i from the sidelines. But I’ve spent the last four months immersing myself back into the Halo universe, and it’s my honor as creative director to help our team ship Halo Infinite in Fall 2021.

Yep, that’s when the game is coming out. And from now until then, every one of us at 343i and our great partner teams will be building, testing, and polishing an experience we hope all of you love.

I joined 343i right as the team was wrestling with feedback from the July campaign demo. This discussion boiled down to one fundamental truth: we needed more time to do things right. That included pushing hard in the Fall, giving the team time to recharge over the Holidays, and then coming back in January to finish the game at a healthy place" to keep the verbs consistent.

Because Halo Infinite in the Fall of 2021… is just the beginning of the adventure.


This was expected. From the Demo it looked like lot of work was needed to get it looking great.

Take the time and makes halo as great as possible.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s better not to announce a release window at all and develope the game without any time pressure.


Honestly not what I expected. I was convinced it would be Q2. I’m glad they’re taking the time to make the game the best experience possible, but man it’s going to be a painful wait.

Screenshots look good though. Multiplayer will be great with 120 FPS:


Expected. With them bringing in Joseph Staten I didn’t think it would just be a few months’ delay for polish. Hopefully the graphics upgrade will bring it up to what people are expecting.

Admittedly, I thought Microsoft would do anything to ensure the game would release before their end of fiscal year.

However, 343i has been given an extra year so I am expecting a polished product and I bet you Microsoft is as well. What this also tells me is that I don’t think the game was going to be fully ready even without Covid.

Also, it looks like @Shpeshal_Nick has got his wish lol.


I think you are right and the July Showcase proved that. There was too little time to even add the finishing touches they were talking in the update and release for Series X launch.

I think internally there are some struggles in the studio and the game has development issues (purely my speculation).

This is the High Level Update and there will be another update on the 17th of Dec?

The update on the 17th is a Community Update, I wouldn’t expect too much from it.


Craig getting a makeover!


Expected. No way Halo would miss the fall window.

The new shots look incredible though, specially if they really deliver that at 120fps

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MP Map look like something out of Gears 5 (wich is a compliment)


Some way through the post, but I think it backs up @OneBadMutha developer friend’s assertion that the July demo was in a very rough state and he was surprised it was allowed to be shown.

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Wow big news!!!

I’m actually relieved. This gives them a good 10-ish months to make this game as great as they can.


I am still reading the post, but honestly it sounds like it is for the best. The game just didn’t sound like it was ever going to be ready for this year. Flighting has also been confirmed so I think we will eventually get a better Halo game.

I also think the internal date will be September since that would get Halo out of the way of CoD etc.

Great news but I seriously question why Microsoft was once willing this release this game this year. It clearly wasn’t ready but Microsoft was still willing to put it out. Luckily that’s not the case now ans the game should reach it’s true potential.


Those screens look so fucking good !! Coatings look awesome too ! Look at that armor !

Not pleased by the late release date, but I think I can handle it if that’s the end result.

Amazing screenshots.

I can wait, take your time 343. At least it will come on the 20th anniversary now.

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I am hyped to read the update and the improved screenshots, can’t wait to play this game next year. And in the meantime I get to play a million other games on my Series X anyway :slight_smile:

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Yes! Really happy with this decision! And the screenshots look really good I love the style. Now at release it will be even better.

I only had concerns about visuals before and not the game itself cause I really like the gameplay they showed and now I’m quite satisfied with what I see and hope they will polish it even more.

Now they can make it the best it can be and not be pressured to release it in spring.

Keep it up! You can do it guys!