Halo infinite not fully open world

And that is totally fine, its nice to hear there will be some classic linear sections along with a mix of much more open spaces to explore. Too be honest everything I’ve heard about the campaign sounds like exactly what I wanted from a more classic Halo game.

At the moment 343 are hitting all the right notes for me getting excited for another Halo game after the 5th one. Also the two music tracks that were uploaded are an indication to me that they are really trying to hit a homerun with going back to the roots.

Yea im really excited to explore zeta halo

Hope it has more depth then Gear 5 semi open world areas. I enjoyed the overall package on Gears 5, but the open world segment felt a bit dull. It doesn’t need to be huge, just be interesting to explore adding up to the overall lore.

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I agree, something that worried me about the halo demo was that I didn’t notice the vegetation moving, like trees bending due to wind and other effects. Weather/vegetation effects made up 80% of the Witcher 3 environment immersion for me.

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Just from the gameplay we saw in the demo we can see that there’s way, way more going on than in Gears 5’s open segments


Wow the difference in this picture compared to the demo with the same image