Halo infinite not fully open world

Halo infinite campaign features a big open expansive world with backtracking that sounds like metroid prime and essentially 2nd mission of ce and silent cartographer just really blown up

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I have just looked at Infinite as the next evolution and level upgrade as ODST was kiiiiind of open world with a back and forth etc. Man…SO excited

As long as you can backtrack, I’m not seeing the distinction here. Areas are locked off in open worlds all the time.


What im thinking is several areas that are open worlds that you explore but its not all connected if that makes sense which makes sense with the ring being broken

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As long as the level design is interesting, I don’t have any issues with that decision. Not everything has to be open world.

From what we saw during the gameplay footage it seemed big enough to wander & explore.

Plus since the game seems to be a metroidvania, with tools and gadgets to unlock etc, the level design has to be really tight and carefully crafted.

So all in all, I’m in.


Yea its basically several open worlds that aren’t connected and exploration is rewarded for those who want that

So huge world map and instances like an MMO.

I don’t understand…how is this different than other open world games?

Devs can connect the various areas by unlocking traversal abilities like the grappling hook or wall running for example, or diving underwater or running on it, or even breaking walls etc you know the metroidvania famous skills.

Also since the Zeta ring seems broken, maybe the previous areas can be repaired, reconnected together too…After the metroidvania part fullfilled and all said and done, that is when the game can go open world at the end…

Plus it was officially said Halo Infinite world is bigger than Halo 4 & 5 combined.

Well, that’s even better. Kinda same open world, like Halo CE were, with a lot more exploring… Halo true open world would kill a lot of the level design that Halo was always awesome.

This is good. Halo does not a not a need a gigantic open world map.

Hopefully they have a good story this time.

So far what we seen it sounds like a good story

I was honestly hoping for a game more like halo 5, I know everyone hated the story, I was actually quite excited by how it ended myself. (please don’t burn me on a stake)

But I felt the environments, gun fights and gameplay were amazing in halo 5, I do hope the multiplayer arena is still like 5 but expanded upon, as I played an insane amount of halo 5 mp (I honestly loved it)

But I worry it might a bit too open and empty, I loved halo ce back in the day, but when I revisit it now, it just feels so dated and empty & the less said about the grey interiors the better, it feels maze like at times.

& I hope we still get beautiful vistas like shanghelios too :slight_smile:

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It didn’t seem empty if you pause at the right moment as the menu is opened up there’s quite a few objectives just in that area alone so this game is massive

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They confirmed that the first half of the game isn’t set in the open areas we see in the demo. I wonder if that means we’ll have multiple large areas past the half way point? It sounds like more of the map unlocks as he upgrades his gear.

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Thats my thinking probably grassy area like the demo a snowy one which is typical for halo maybe some kind of desert as well

Do you think we will get much variety in environment? I think my biggest worry is it will look very samey throughout, obviously I’ve never played it, so it could be a silly worry :slight_smile:

Or it could be allievated when I’ve seen more of the game on the run up to launch, either way I’ll play the game for myself on the series x day one :slight_smile:

Yea i think we will see various open worlds like this grass area a snowy one maybe a desert

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Yakuza games are “open world” but they’re on a much smaller scale than a sleeping dogs or GTA. I like Yakuzas approach much more these days. You don’t want a Metal Gear Solid V problem of a massive map with nothing to do or see. Gears 5 honestly has that problem as well.

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Yakuza games in terms of their own open world philosophy are a a good approach I reckon.

Like I said as long as it serves its purpose and the level design is interesting, with interesting stuff to do or explore etc, good traversal mechanics, replay value & variety of tackling objectives etc, I see no issues here. Whether it is or not truly Open world (we’ll see come release) All depends on the execution…