Halo campaign spoiler thread (DO NOT ENTER IF YOU DO NOT WANT SPOILERS)

We need a place to discuss the story beats and ending. All of it is fair game here, including the legendary ending.

Tell us your thoughts, reviews and speculation for the future of Halo!


There is a separate ending for legendary?

You have a final secret cutscene after the ending credits if you play the game in Legendary.


Is Cortana dead?

From a certain point of view.

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Considering the legendary ending, next game and/or dlc we’ll meet Offensive Bias. Also I was right 343i was keeping Atriox for another game, when a big villain is dead off screen, he’s usually alive. Also we need to beat him up with MC. XD

You get that I think with legendary they have audio stuff for it tho

I believe Atriox might become a new Arbiter, just a guess.

I think they put the storyline back on a good track as well as they could’ve, but thought the resolution between Chief and Cortana could’ve been better. I really hope The Weapon doesn’t name herself Cortana as it might’ve been alluded to at the end, as that would be so lame.

The only story beat that didn’t work for me was when The Weapon learned she is a duplicate of Cortana; it seemed like they wanted a “Would You Kindly?” moment but it was too obvious to everyone else.


Ya I hope they dont end up naming her Cortana but by the ending seems like it


Hmm, he doesn’t seem really nice. XD

Anyway, do you think they’ll show the inevitable showdown (then he can even become “good”, but they’ll fight again 100%) in the next installment or during the active support of Infinite?

She rebooted herself after a blue screen of death. Typical MS ! :grin:

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Yes. She died in Halo 4 really, since then she has been a fragment. That final fragment self-detonated Zeta

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I get the sense that 343i will find a way to cheese Cortana’s memories back into Weapon who’ll the be a hybrid of both characters. Cortana imploding just seems like the quickest way to clean up the mess that was Guardians and kickoff the soft reboot.

I believe they’ll fight 100%, but Atriox isn’t a villain he’s an antagonist, and if The Endless are this massive threat to the galaxy he’ll want to join forces with his frenemy, Master Chief.

Also Atriox values strength, once MC beats him he’ll respect him.

I seriously hope not. Chief even says ‘you are her if we never met’, implying there are no memories at all.

Since completing infinite and revisiting the story of the other games, it’s crazy how much 5 fucks with the trajectory that 4 set up. She ‘died’ and then ‘came back’ with such ridiculous reasoning that it completely halted any character development that could be made on chiefs end.


So is weapon going to name herself cortana?


I haven’t seen anyone talk about this but there is some serious use of “Colour Theory” in this game, and it’s awesome.

Red of the banished + Blue of the new pure AI with only good intentions = purple, represented by Cortana with a mixed history of good and evil.

Through representation in chief’s communication ring (where the AI slit is on the back of his head), the Pilot flashes bright green when he talks which contrasts against chiefs darker, bruised and chipped green.

It’s not but often, but yellow is a colour used with the pilot a few times. One, with his hologram of his family, and two, his eye colour. Yellow is often the colour of cowardice and fear. Yellow and Blue (of Weapon) = green! Because they are both things that the chief needs to keep him growing and keep him human. The characters also represent chief as a person, part AI and part human.

I just thought this was really neat and wanted to share! I’m sure there is more but this is just what I’ve found and my interpretation.


Cortana: the weapon mk2


can’t wait for The Endless Campaign DLC