GTA6 leaked videos/screenshots

Take with a massive load of salt I guess!


I hope


That is an elaborate fake, if it isn’t real


The female protagonist wow!!

This is probably real. Too much effort to fake.

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Yeah this is 100% real lol, we’re lucky it was done on a weekend otherwise this probably would have been caught way faster.

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Looks fake and janky af. Doesn’t even look at par with RDR2.

It’s most likely alpha footage that is probably 2 or more years out, of course it’s not going to be polished, I’d argue it is actually very polished for where it is at.

This is why devs are scared to show games early.


To me it looks like a generational gap, one that can’t be filled by any level of polish.

Looks real to me. Hope this means R* follows up with a proper trailer.

That idiot leaker posted 10k lines of source code . This game is getting delayed no doubt . Rockstar must be extremely angry right now .


Found the YouTube channel

It is a PlayStation build

This is what about devs scared to show early stuff

This is such a strange take and is exactly why devs don’t show us anythjng behind the curtain. Why can’t we be happy to see Behind the scenes on a game and not a judge it’s quality?

I mean we see big movies being shot all the time and then forget that when we watch it on the screen! Games are absolutely dogshit, buggy, look like crap, and are just lines of code for years before they hit the final polish. That’s how they are made. They aren’t born perfect!


Went through most of the videos

It is what it is

GTA afterall

The animations are very nice, I like it and the character models are very realistic looking. But Holy shit, Rockstar can’t be happy that this happened.

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Animations and character models look so much better than GTA5, the character models in GTA5:O were horrific.


Exactly and even compared to RDR2 it’s a big step up too. Very detailed and real looking. I like seeing this, since the wait has been so long and still won’t be anytime soon.

But this here probably sets it back even further.

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It looks real… Wow, that’s some crazy leak right here !

All I can think is that the game is in a playable state with some reused assets like the police car, so that’s reassuring.

So what has been a eternity of waiting will become even longer now. I’m surprised it’s actually still up there.