GTA VI Discussion & Speculation / Hopes & Fears / Dreams & Nightmares

Hi everyone!

I know it’s a bit far off but didn’t see a thread so decided to open one about one of the biggest games anticipated for next gen.

Here, lets discuss what you dream about or what you fear to see from the next GTA in the future. Please post all your ideas, predictions, findings and so on…

Where do you think it will take place? When? What story? Release window?

What technological enhancements or innovations could be brought to the table for a true next gen GTA? Game design? Gameplay systems?

Remember y’all that GTA V was built for 360/PS3 gen and current gen versions are just enhanced versions ported. RDR2 was built for this current gen taking the weakest denominator in account. And look how it is an incredible achievement!

Now imagine what it could be next gen only.

Feel free to discuss!

My GTA 6 dream is that it will copy the mechanics from MP3 and make it the ultimate open-world 3rd person shooter.

But that is too foolish of a dream.

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Max Payne 3 mechanics were great indeed and I was expecting it in GTA V but you know the rest. I agree it would be awesome.

Anyway, imho the most believable leak comes from The Know

Remember they got a leak from Dark Souls 3 which turned out right

Of course development process implies changes are par of the course, but maybe we’ll have the big lines drawn.

I think the location needs to not be California. After nearly a decade of GTA 5 that location is done for at least the next 2 games.

Florida and New York are obvious candidates.

Personally I’d like to see a GTA set in Texas. It has coast line. Major U.S. Cities and borders Mexico. GTA could blur all those cities together and condense them. Texas is bursting with cultue. You could be a Texas ranger, Mexican imigrant, and a former football player.


My dream is they make the controls a bit like like say Yakuza 0. Then they work on modernising every aspect of their game design. Then put that into whatever they are cooking.

I hope they continue the direction of RDR2, continuing to improve NPC + world realism and behaviour.

RDR2 is the only game this gen that feels more then just a game, it sometimes feels like a real place.

It does not need to be a massive world either, to enable all buildings have interiors and every npc has a full realistic routine the main land mass should be 1/2 the size of GTA5 and there should be several smaller islands scattered about the ocean, a few the size of gta vice city and several smaller ones, doing this would make the game world feel massive and very detailed.


I wonder if they’ll try to implement a way to store your weapons like the way you store your weapons on your horse in RDR2.

Possibly in the trunk of your vehicle.

As someone who lives in Texas, I’d be super happy to see a GTA game take place in Texas.

One of my hopes is that the game doesn’t go for some of the more “realistic” features/things that add a bit of tedium that RDR 2 had. I enjoyed the features in that game, but one of my favorite things about GTA is that it isn’t exactly like real life, and you can do dumb stuff.

I agree 100% on this sense of scale, depth, physicality, reactivity & interactivy If you are used to play their games often, Rockstar always trying to improve and iterate on previous ideas so probably we will see some deeper features like the passage of time impacting the map. Full interaction with the environment and npcs. Meteo impacting the world deeper. Maybe terrain deformation, eathquakes storms etc.

Never thought of things happening over time, that sounds so cool. I remember when peter molyeux said you could plant an acorn in fable 2 and it would grow into a tree, its time we see things like this, the next gen consoles are easily caperble of this.

Here take a look how it is simply amazing in Red Dead Redemption II

And it’s just a glimpse, there are more details hidden in the game about time passing.

Now imagine it pushed to the next level with more sense of time and seasons included, impacting npcs schedules and your gameplay.

Close your eyes & imagine you drive a beautiful car in GTA VI during a rainy night in Vice City and you get to experience a storm coming, destroying some houses and you see people screaming and escaping, people helping each others etc lots of comple A.I sim interactions, physics, then later workers repairing it over time and so on.

Imagine terrain deformation with earthquakes creating mass destruction of some part of the map and modifying the level design, circulation. Could be scripted for this probably if the scale is too big.

I think Rockstar will focus on micro detail & macro at the same time. Like micro deformation and destruction, more nuanced strates of details.

In terms of core main game design, Rockstar Games need just to get rid of fail states, have a more free form game design letting players having more freedom in how to approach missions, more emergent gameplay in the main story.

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  • My biggest hope is that it’s a return to VC, it’s been way too long.

  • Have the story play out over a large period of time, starting from the '80s until the present.

  • Bring back GTA IV’s car physics, they were much better than the arcade-style of the other games.

  • One protagonist.

  • RDR2 was awesome, bring that level of world detail and storytelling to GTA 6.

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Seems a really decent list of wishes which I agree with.

Remember this interview of Leslie Benzies when he was still at Rockstar.

Leslie talks about future GTA locations, answering the question “Any chance that Vice City might return in a future GTA?” :

"It is always a possibility. There are a few references to the city in our current-gen GTAs so it is part of that HD universe, and it is certainly somewhere we would love to revisit. However Vice City, perhaps more than any other GTA game, was as much about the era as the setting. Miami in the 1980’s is so iconic it would feel strange to revisit the city in a different time period.

Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas, and in that context reimagining Vice City would be very interesting."

Man such beautiful memories…

That interview with all the worlds opening up as a massive map would be epic. Vice City i loved more than San Andreas but both were amazing games. I do think Vice City would need to be made bigger like they did with 5 compared to San Andreas but it sounds like thats the way they’re going.

Just realised its from 2012 - I stand by what I said but year 8 years later we will say

Doesn’t change the fact that is what they always wanted to do and I’m sure they will achieve their goal.

Totally agree

I hope GTA VI shakes up the formula. Of course there’s millions of people still playing GTA V so there’s obviously enough interest in that model, but I’ve played all mainline 3D GTAs, and just messing around stealing cars, shooting people and such is not that exciting anymore. I loved V’s story and campaign but I barely did anything in the open world, and I did not enjoy the online much aside from the racing. The Saints Row games added hilarious minigames. Watch_Dogs 2 added much more depth to NPCs. Hell, San Andreas had in some ways more character development than what we had since.

I want GTA VI to be bold, shocking, exciting like 3 was. And hopefully they prioritize a gameplay that feels good rather than a cinematic feeling. But the monster numbers of GTA V/Online make me fear they’ll iterate on the worst parts of it.

My hopes.

  1. Vice City. Bring it back, make that the setting, a bigger version of it, with maybe the everglades being added as the rural area.

  2. Make it arcady. Rockstar already has a series for ultra realism, it’s called Red Dead. GTA should return to wacky tone of the PS2 games. No input lag or 10 second animations to pick up money. GTA 4 suffered from this, and GTA 5 too, to a lesser extent.

  3. Bring back San Andreas’s features. By that I mean side activities like the stadium demolition derbys, deliveries, vigilante missions, burglaries, playing billiards, you name it. The Jetpack and Hovercraft should also return, along with wacky weapons like the flamethrower and graffiti paint can.

What do you mean by arcady?

Because their physics engine is tied to Euphoria, their own complementary physics engine module to enhance physics based reactions.

They are still trying to reduce as much as possible the delay betweens input and animations all while making it natural and real. It is a really hard work. They are still balancing to make the game fun while incredibly detailled.

For the rest I am 100% with you. I just want you to remind that GTA V was made for 360/PS3 and sucked a lot of memory, they couldn’t do everything they wanted and especially on the interactions sides. Expect a whole lot more interactions and the return of favourite activities like burglary or drugs dealing things like that I suppose.

Also the fact that they recently increased the texture memory capacity for the current version of GTA Online means a huge update is incoming in December since they have warned us about the biggest GTA Online update ever.

We have this

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It perfectly encapsulates the main mission game design problem I have with Rockstar Games.

Worth a watch, hope they’ll tend to a more fluid system.

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