GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition is this year's Cyberpunk 2077

From the “hot coffee” files that got Rockstar in trouble back in the day, to the huge number of glitches and bugs, performance issues, cut content/songs, questionable graphical improvements, and removal of the legacy versions which make these the only available versions of the games, these versions are looking like a disaster while they could have been an easy slam dunk.


On the one hand, Cyberpunk 2077 was falsely advertised on consoles. Most of Cyberpunk’s hype came from the PC footage, and select footage from the Xbox Series X / PS5 BC mode gameplay.

The base Xbox One/ PS4 footage was never shown or hidden away. Also the game had numerous game breaking bugs in some cases that prevented people from playing the game.

On the other hand, GTA appears to be fully playable just in a piss-poor state. Additonally, very little footage of GTA was shown to the general public and no review copies were sent out, while Cyberpunk did send out review copies but only to place it knew would score the PC version high.

I don’t think it’s quite the 2077 issue only because slowly, and I mean slowly CDPR is fixing it.

Rockstar isn’t going to fix this.

If anything, GTA appears to be a quick cash grab put out by a studio without enough time or money to do the games justice.

Basing them off the Mobile Ports was probably not the way to go either, but I think the faults doesn’t live with Grove Street Games/Ruffian, I think it’s on 2K who probably didn’t offer alot of time or money on this effort.

2K was probably like “It’ll be out by Christmas, one way or another.”

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I’ve never cared about GTA so I don’t really have a horse in this race, but I do want to say that it fucking sucks that they delisted the originals in favor of this apparent mess.

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Cyberpunk is 1000 times the experience that the gta Trilogy is.


Not even close, the funny thing with GTA is when it rains if you look at the floor you can see the grid they’re using for the rain effects, you can actually see the grid of the rain hitting the floor.

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I usually don’t like to talk shit about games that didn’t get to have a proper dev and QA cycle, and I do feel bad for the studio that was responsible for this. I think it’s pretty appalling that Rockstar didn’t put more time and money into this considering how insanely lucrative the franchise continues to be for them. It’s pretty plain that this release was largely predicated on plain, brute greed. Like I said earlier, I never enjoyed these games even a little but I’d be a fool to deny their impact on gaming history and design. It’s not too late to fix it, and I hope on behalf of the people who were looking forward to this that it can get the extra care they need to live up to the term “definitive”.

I’m a total sucker for a good comeback story :smiley:


Don’t think I’m even going to load GTA San Andreas on my Xbox. Straight into the digital bin.

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Pretty much sums up how i feel as well to be honest.

Leaking stuff is all fine but it’s stuff like this that i wish gaming journalists go in hard and investigate more. Take 2 and Rockstar i’m sure knew this was in a bad state and needed more time yet were still happy to sell the game (and try hiding gameplay until the very last minute). This seems to be a somewhat recurring thing and we’re all expected to just accept it or hope “they’ll patch fixes later”.

It’s obviously money but why couldn’t they give these devs the full time they needed to put out a product that the franchise deserves. I grew up playing the GTA games and it does suck seeing them just send out these botched remasters. It’s easy to say in hindsight but how much better would it have been if we’d got a Mafia style remake of GTA 3 instead of them tackling all 3 games. I don’t think this will damage either Rockstar or the GTA (though there’s a lot of disappointment with the reveal of GTA 5 next gen edition) brand but it’ll be interesting to see if they bother trying to fix a lot of the issues or just sweep it under the rug like they did with the mobile editions.


I’ll probably still play San Andreas since ya know, it’s free, but this is one instance where I think “gamer anger” is actually justified. This game should not have been released in the state it’s in, period. “The port studio didn’t have enough time” or whatever, it’s beside the point, they took people’s money for this product and that was wrong.

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Lmao, the irony.


Ooh, burn.


Hahahaha. True and I love that the twitter user name is Poorly Aged Things which makes it even funnier.

I played it and it is not good. I’m really happy that MS gave me the chance on GP because my curiosity might have got the better of me and I’d have wasted money.

I’ll say one thing though the controls on it aren’t great but I still prefer them to anything Rockstar did afterwards.

Gonna go hug my Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Imagine, a remaster done with effort, care, and respect for the original art.


Written Article for the DF video:


I had a gift card from bing rewards and bought it (prior to its release). I played a bit of GTA III. I am filled with regret

This is far worse than cyberpunk. That was a ridiculously ambitious mismanaged AAA game that they just couldn’t polish in time. But they tried. Game must have had 1000 plus people working on it.

Gta trilogy is a fucking lazy ass port job of decade old games that was built by a 3rd party mobile port dev.

Crapstar definitely put this out to fail. 0 effort.