Grubb (SPECULATION) - Microsoft could remaster all major Microsoft Franchises, including Gears and Fallout

If they remaster Morrowind they need to update the hit detection from the roll of a dice mechanic. Because while totally do able as long as you concentrate on what you want to use as a weapon, it can be frustrating until you have high enough affinity with a weapon.

Meh, seems like a huge waste of ressources.


Its a good thing microsoft has resources aplenty then

Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas need a remaster like the Modern Warfare remasters or Halo 2 Anniversary.

Money is not a problem, people are.

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Same. I would hate new content being delayed to push out old content in a shinier coat.


I very much doubt they will be having any of their first party studios working on these outside of supervision and making sure they stay consistent with the originals

I advocate for copying Sony in whay they do best (marketing and localisation), also I find it funny they now like remasters when during the BC/X1X period they said they were more about keeping fhe original old games. Anyway, if it’s a mean to release more titles in the roadmap and update old ass games, it’s certainly a positive.



He really has a problem with not making that clear. He will transition from reporting something to speculating about something else and it all all would sound like he’s reporting something.


If he didn’t write an article about it, it’s all just educated speculation on his end.


so would remastered fallout games fall under legacy and be multiplat or would those fall under exclusive like the ultimate version of hellblade thats only xbox/pc

No need to worry about this as this was just speculation from Grubb.


Not sure whether this is on Grubb or not as I dont know what he said exactly but this is like the 6th time this has happened from him in particular and its getting annoying af

I won’t absolve of him of blame but it’s very common for leakers to get their words blown out of proportion when they talk candidly on their podcasts.


With Jeff, you have to remember that whenever he says “I think” he is speculating and at that point take what he says with a pinch of salt.


Which is exactly why he should be more careful with what he says, just say that’s “just me speculating” and it wouldnt be an issue

Fable The Chicken Chaser Collection is back on the menu.

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