Grubb (SPECULATION) - Microsoft could remaster all major Microsoft Franchises, including Gears and Fallout


I have reason to believe Fallout and Gears are locks and those Fable rumors of a remastered series

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Damn you for typing faster!

In all seriousness, Fable of course, what else…

This should please everyone who asked for Xbox to copy PlayStation on games. Now they have by going heavily into Remaster / Remake territory.

At least they’ll be part of GamePass service.



I just hope it’s being done by a third party.


This would line up with what @Shpeshal_Nick said in a rumour mill on the podcast about a Microsoft franchise getting the Masterchief collection treatment.

Was this episode The XboxEra Podcast | LIVE | Episode 93 - "Taylored Experiences" - YouTube


Just imagine how cool it would be to have “collections” tab in Game Pass

Halo Collection

Fallout Collection

Elder Scrolls Collection

Gears of War Collection

Fable Collection

Forza Collection

You get the drift, it’ll be like clicking on a TV series on Netflix and picking an episode but for this it’ll be picking a game from the list that has been remastered from the first game to the last.


Bring back Project Gotham Racing you cowards!


Neat, looking forward to this

I’m in favour of this for titles that deserve it. No remakes of last gen stuff though.

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Always up for the opportunity to replay old favorite games with a new achievement list.


Inject Fallout remakes/remasteres straight into my veins. I’d love to just see all the main Fallout games get some love. A Fallout 1 and 2 remake from inXile and a Fallout 3/NV remake in Creation Engine 2 would be the dream. I suppose if New Vegas 2 is on the table they will have a solid opportunity to make extra use of it and extend an upgraded Fallout framework to some remakes.


I say they should remake/remaster them all, but in using extremely forward scalable techniques so on Series X 2026/2032/2038 editions everything gets that much nicer.

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Meh. If they’re going to do this, I would much rather prefer remakes being built from the ground up for Series X. If they’re just a resolution boost and whatnot but still look outdated, no thanks.

If they are farming remasters out to support studios, it’s a relatively cheap way to introduce people to new series and build a catalog for Game Pass. It isn’t always for us :stuck_out_tongue:

Full remakes would probably need large teams and steal development from new games.


But one can dream about those games on Creation Engine 2

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This is where people fall off the track when realising that it’s not always for people who have already played the game. If you never bought an Xbox before and you buy one for now because you love the look of game pass and you see this cool fantasy RPG in Fable coming out you might want to catch up on the previous games to get a taste. Doing that you don’t exactly want to play those older games in 720p30 with bad textures :sweat_smile:

I’ve recently been watching people play gears and halo for the first time and looking at the older games is like hot damn haha it would be nice if they were updated.


A full remake of New Vegas is needed.

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i wonder if all the elder scrolls/fallout games that got remastered would then be multiplat games or if the remasters would only be xobx/pc