Grounded - Full Release Trailer

Amazing trailer


I’ve played this game from the start & I couldn’t be happier to jump into a fresh sever with my friends.

The style of trailer was great too. Moth likes lamp.

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Great trailer!

Obsidian :muscle:

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Yup played a bunch of hours semi recently and we stopped before we got too far because we wanted to wait for 1.0 we can’t wait to jump back in and the host servers thing came just in time and is clutch.

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I look so good. Another quality game Microsoft released. Need lot more thought to overcome past flops.

I didn’t play a single second of this, so it’s all going to be brand new for me. I’m very curious if it’s gonna be my jam.


Make sure to play it in co-op. It’s playable solo, but a PITA at certain points or so I’m told.

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Installed this today. Love it. There’s actually quests and a story unlike something like Minecraft.


Can someone PLEASE make an OT for this game so we can talk about how friggin awesome it is???

No, I’m not volunteering.

I’m not a survival game person but Grounded is fucking incredible.


Completely agree. One of my favorite games Ive played in quite some time. Glad I waited for the 1.0 release before digging in.