Gotham Knights Reveal and Gameplay Trailers (2022)

  • EDIT: Details and information listed below after both trailers.
  • EDIT 2: Added an image with more details. Credit goes to The_Xboxer.
  • EDIT 3: Added a YouTube video with more details. Credit goes to The_Xboxer.
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  • EDIT 6: Added an article from the official U.S. PlayStation Blog. Credit goes to The_Xboxer.
  • EDIT 7: Officially delayed to 2022 via the official Gotham Knights twitter account.
  • EDIT 8: Added the official story trailer that was shown during DC Fandom 2021.
  • EDIT 9: Added a YouTube video “Court of Owls” Behind The Scenes video. Credit goes to The_Xboxer.
  • EDIT 10: Added gameplay trailer for Nightwing and Red Hood.
  • EDIT 11: Added gameplay walkthrough trailer for Batgirl.

Batgirl gameplay walkthrough trailer -

Nightwing/Red Hood gameplay trailer -

Story Trailer -

Behind The Scenes -

Reveal Trailer -

Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer -

Everything We Know Thus far -

New Details -

Press Start Article -

Image Info -

Extra Info -

  • Releases in 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
  • Single Player or Two Player Online Co-Op
  • Third Person Open World Action RPG
  • Focuses on Bat Family, not Batman
  • Play as Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin
  • Belfry is your Base of Operations
  • Court of Owls are the main villains
  • Leveling RPG system
  • Character Customization
  • Can traverse the world using the BatBike
  • Brawler and Melee focused combat
  • Possibly No Detective Vision

Beat me to it :laughing:.


No Damian? Probably going to be DLC

Looks 100x better than Avengers


Hahaha. Thought about putting it in the other topic but it deserves it’s own thread. Same for Suicide Squad later tonight.

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This looks really good


I’m down for more batman games. Looks like fun.

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4k gameplay

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Ok, few things:

Gotham seems huge in scale



No Detective Vision (surprised they actually did it)

Brawler combat & Environment Interactivity - Not rhythm based


Solo or Co-op


The Bat is dead


Court of Owls (shocking /s)



In the fight with freeze we see damage numbers, that’s certainly new. Personally I’m not ecstatic about playing as Batman’s friends. Really expected a actual Batman game with the Court of Owls.

They also leave us with questions. Is this story focus like the previous games and can we just play on our own or is a co-op partner mandatory?

How I wish Rocksteady was the one still making a SP game, like they’ve always done, but that seems very unlikely.

Press Release:

Everything but Switch.

Seems to be tied to Arkham Knight ending. Happening after Arkham Knight events that’s why the emphasis on the term “knight”

Meaning Batman will rest as dead and come back in some way or another. It gives Rocksteady tile for another Batman later. So there is hope!

I like the graphics it is really good and the living breathing city concept was needed but now justified by the script. The faces need work because they seem to lack details, it’s a little bit cartoonish.

The coop drop in drop out idea if I’m not mistaken seems good and a change of pace

The live service thing I’m wary on this it could be bad if they force it too much with the level gating system and mtx everywhere to unlock new skills, skins characters and so on. Keeping an eye on it.

Apart from that it was a good gameplay show at least they showed gameplay.

Well, I think I’ve officially lost all interest in this game. It’s like they took everything I hate about the franchise (and from Arkham Knight) and doubled down on it. Robin can teleport due to a satellite? What?

And the gameplay just didn’t look super great imo.

This looks amazing, love the idea of a coop arkham game. Can’t wait !

Very happy that the game can be fully played solo in single player. Looks good overall. Like the RPG system. Combat looks great and finally, best of all, they moved back the camera. While watching the gameplay walkthrough, when walking, you can see the entire Batgirl character. Makes me so happy that they zoomed out the camera.

Another game added to my next gen futurelog!!! LOL.


Loved it, but also I am in the odd group of “I’m fine with every big property out there becoming an Action-adveture RPG with leveling up” lol


“The Xbox One family of consoles including Xbox Series X”

Are you fucking kidding me? They are separate systems. MS is not gonna be happy with this.

Glad the game is multiplat

“You can play the whole game in 2 player co-op”

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Does this mean no Batman games anymore?

Not as excited as I am for Avengers, of course. But pretty excited.

Looks like Gotham Knights was played on a PS4 or PS5 (at 4:53 in the gameplay demo when she opens the door, there is a “O”).

Also, PS consoles appear first in the PR.