Google Shutting Down its Stadia Game studios & Jade Raymond leaving the company

Official Google Statement


Wow. Not sure of the implications here but this seems like a huge deal. If they were really planning to dive into buying out publishers or major dev studios going forward, as everyone was expecting, they would surely no be doing this.


Looks like they aren’t buying studios or publishers


Google was always the worst case scenario personally

sucks for the devs that lost their jobs

This isn’t good news for Xbox fans to be honest. Microsoft needs Amazon, Google and Tencent pushing them in cloud gaming. That’s when Microsoft is at their best.

And obviously it sucks for Jade Raymond and Typhoon Studios… they’ve been sold a nothing burger.

Making video games is hard, folks.


Feel bad for the people at Typhoon, their studio only lasted like four years.

Well, there still is Tencent and Amazon, and Tencent is particularly aggressive.

The vultures are circling. I think the fears of Google/Amazon/Facebook buying up big publishers are really overblown. Google is already giving up on internal game dev. Facebook is only interested in VR. Amazon, well… they might be stupid enough to keep trying to make games so they could still make a move.


I thought the article said something about Google licensing out the tech, so in a way they’re still pushing Microsoft and are still competition. Microsoft must improve the tech side of xCloud for it to be truly viable. It’s wonky for many users right now.


That’s why they acquired Zenimax, for Orion.

Lol stadia.


That’s good! But doesn’t change the fact that competitors still exist from the backend side of things to keep Microsoft on its toes and not be complacent.

I think they are aware of that, or they wouldn’t keep mentioning them as main competitors.

MS doesn’t need anyone else pushing them into cloud gaming. Their entire company is built around forward-thinking cloud integration. They have their long term plans taking shape this year and next and I don’t think anything will alter their trajectory there tbh.



I wonder if Sony has an interest in migrating to Google so there is an avenue to compete with MS going forward. They will still be at a huge handicap, of course, but better than having to let their competitor control their cloud fortunes.

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Every industry is better with competition.


Stadia’s biggest barrier was the use of Linux as a platform to build games.

They didn’t want to give MS a share by having to use to windows license. Amazon Luna did the correct move by using windows as a platform and not having devs develop for whole new platform as a result. By not doing this Stadia literally had to pay studios and publisher to launch games on their platform.


I think this tells us what we all knew that Stadia landed like a damp squid and gained hardly any traction.

It just goes to show you that you need to offer exclusive content to entice people to come to your service - look at what Epic is doing with their store for example.

I always suspected Google wouldn’t have the staying power because they needed to invest and wait for their internal studios. I will say it again that Microsoft is way ahead in terms of this, the only company that compares is Tencent really, and Tom Warren is correct in doubting the long term future of Stadia. I just think developers will go with Microsoft or Amazon if they want a cloud version of a game.


Sony has a partnership with MS Azure. But Nintendo…