Goldeneye 007 Remastered coming to Xbox and Game Pass (Achievements, 4K, Split-screen)

Awesome news, finally coming out



Well Done Phil!

You son of a- You knew!


Yeah, I now don’t have doubts about Deathloop anymore either. His tweet made that quite clear yesterday. He knows what he’s doing, haha.

Do you think @Shpeshal_Nick just exploded!?



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Sony: Square! I need you again! Remember that one game that somehow went to Game Pass? Give me that and the sequel. Never on Xbox.

Square: Yes, your highness.


Im confused about this Goldeneye situation

Is Nintendo getting the 64 version and xbox the remastered? Or are they both getting touched up versions of the original and just ignoring the leaked version?

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The classic campaign mode, transformative difficulty levels and havoc-inducing cheats will all make their return – as will the iconic split-screen local multiplayer mode, allowing up to four players to take to the couch in a battle of wits and skill.

The original experience has been updated with improved control options (including dual analogue stick support)

native 16:9 resolution up to 4K Ultra HD (where supported)

a consistent refresh rate and a full complement of achievements to unlock

GoldenEye 007 will be made available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as part of Xbox Game Pass. Additionally, players who own a digital copy of Rare Replay , the 30-game compilation of classics from the award-winning studio behind GoldenEye 007’s original release, will be able to download and enjoy the game free of charge.


yeah that’s not the remastered version and no mention of online either

“Exclusive to the new Switch version of the 1997 title will be online play, allowing 007 fans across the world to take part in the popular four person multiplayer mode.”

From the official website.

This is the remastered they originally intended for Xbox 360.

Not from the Xbox wire article it isnt.

You can tell from the screenshots it isn’t

Well there goes any hype for this

This makes no sense


You’re right, damn that looks like a N64 played through an emulator. I assumed it would be the 360 remaster like everyone else

Utterly stupid decisions here

The remaster was like 99% finished, just release that on both Switch and Xbox ffs

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Straight from here.