Goldeneye 007 Achievements appear on TrueAchivements

@Shpeshal_Nick :eyes:


Multiplayer achievements too lol

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Remember when @Klobrille said XGS had a another game coming soon that wasn’t a new game?

Could it be??!


Well that fits the bill and goes in line with that news from Germany from before.


Could it REALLY be?!

Switch version

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Okay, what if this is the Nintendo + Xbox thing NIck was talking about?

Nintendo and Xbox hashed out the legal differences over the game in exchange for a Switch version with Crossplay?

Cant wait till this just starts xbox games on switch rumors ugh.


Now the chances of this just being official achivements for that leaked cancelled version is pretty low right?

TrueAchivements wouldn’t post cheevos for a cancelled games would they?

What is this new year miracle?!

Quick, inform Sony to fund it and steal its exclusivity for a year!

Is it an XGS game if it’s on the Switch


Boy if you don’t stop this I’m about to…


As someone who never had an N64 and who only played about 20 minutes of GoldenEye in my life, this would be pretty cool. I’d for sure try it out for a while, given that it was on Game Pass that is.

I imagine it has aged about as well as other console FPSes of that era, which is to say not well, but I feel like it’s such a touchstone for many gamers that I ought to at least give it a proper go for a few hours.

I realize that has about a snowball’s chance in hell and all that, but if xCloud came to the Switch, I’d be ordering one that very same day.

As it is, I’m eyeing the Steam Deck for that. Haven’t pulled the trigger on a pre-order, but I feel like the writing is on the wall. Just waiting for it to be properly launched and for both pro- and user reviews to come out.

Hoping to see this on PS5 for full dualsense enhancement

Is this the original 1997 game or that remaster that was leaked/released on PC a while back?

Nah. Can’t be. We’re in a drought…

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If it’s real and coming to Xbox, it’s undoubtedly the home for shooters.

Full 3D audio and the ssd speeds.

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A Goldeneye 007 game that is a remake of a very old game ending up on all systems shouldn’t make anyone mad right ?

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