Goldeneye 007 Achievements appear on TrueAchivements

Why should this hit a Playstation?l

Id get the switch tho.

Unless it runs better on Xbox, everyone should be ok…………………….I think.

Fuck that.

Nintendo is fine as it was on N64, but it’s still a Rare game.

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This is gonna be confusing to have a licensed game on Game Pass …

Wait. Who owns this property exactly?

I’m not saying it will but this seems like the type of game that could because its a remake of an old game and it doesn’t move the needle


Shouldn’t had dropped Quake remaster either on the Playstation or anywhere else.



It would absolutely move the needle.

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Does anyone remember that game came out? Who did that hurt?


I would have thought MGM or whoever owns 007.

007 game getting announced with the Acquisition of IO and the NEW 007 game is exclusive …

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When everyone had a melt down about Quake did that move the needle ???


I assume this is the XBLA one that leaked a while ago and which I played on my modded 360 lol

Look, Nintendo is fine and expected because of the legal hurdles that had to be jumped through to make this happen.

But port this to PlayStation? Fuck. That. Noise.

It was never a PlayStation game. PlayStation was a direct competitor to N64, and it’s still a Rare game, which is owned by XGS.

It would just raise too many questions.


Unnecessary noise

It would only have 200 gamerscore if it was XBLA X360. This has 1000 gamerscore so it’s not that.

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“Questions” from obvious trolls who defy common sense ?

Anyway this is all lining up for an xbox direct that has Halo Infinite content, Redfall and Golden Eye in a week or two.