Godfall Ultimate Edition coming to xbox consoles April 7th

The word " mid " was made for this game .

Wake me when Bugsnax or FFVIIR gets ported.:sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t even call it that. It’s bright and gold…that’s for sure.


Godfall is a gorgeous looking game but that’s pretty much it. The combat/gameplay loop could have been good but you literally have to turn your character using both analog sticks (one for the character and one for the camera) and face an enemy in order to attack them.

So take Assassin’s Creed for example. If an enemy is behind you, you can just move down on the left analog stick that controls your character and attack the enemy no problem. This can’t be done in Godfall which hurts the combat/gameplay.

Shame as I don’t have a looter slasher and was hoping for this to hit but it didn’t.

Its supposed to be way improved from launch. But yeah. Ill check it out when its dirt cheap

I truly hope you find it enjoyable. I don’t think there’s much they can do to make it feel any less like a “focus test” style boring game that puts style over any true substance.


Ill probably never play it lets be real. I always say ill check a game out when it hits bargain bin but never do

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I’m finally here!

Shame its not on Gamepass… I would of given it a shot

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Is this out?? Theres no way to pre order it.

I noticed this too very odd its not on the store

Honestly really hope the community for the most part does the whole “vote with your wallet” thing with Godfall. Even after all this time and seeing how it came out, I still admittedly at least want to try out the game. But there’s no world where I’m coming out of pocket to do it. This thing def needs to find it’s way to Gamepass at some point if it wants a real shot at some measure of positivity on Xbox. At least imo.

Feel like its dead on arrival not launching on gamepass


Not unless it pulls a Tunic.

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Nah. We already know everything there is to know about Godfall gameplay. But I get what you mean, with the surprise drop on GamePass. Even if Godfall enters GamePass, there are so many better games on the service already that I don’t see GF gaining enough clout to salvage itself.

I don’t know a single person in this particular community buying Godfall nor do I see many even talking about the game like it matters so I don’t think its going to do well anyway. Gamepass was its only hope as doing decently in my opinion.

Once again a PSA: The game is so “meh” I can’t possibly recommend anyone spending their time playing it. Play better games.