Godfall Ultimate Edition coming to xbox consoles April 7th

Looks like the 18 month exclusivity deal is up

Embarassing theyre charging full price. Sjould be straight to gamepass or budget title


The only positive I see here is that this means Sony’s moneyhat deals are not for infinite time like some people had believed.

Why this and not FF7R ?


I guess finally the game (that nobdy cares anymore) is coming to the platforms without “exceptionally powerful SSD”.


Didnt it already come to ps4 after ps5? lol

Hope MS doesn’t give them a gamepass cheque


Yeah, it was released on PS4 and now it is gonna go to Xbox.

Please, not on Game Pass. There are many more interesting games to put in the service.


Another fun thing is that Xbox Youtube channel still doesn’t have Soul Hackers video but uploaded Godfall :joy:

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I mean if its not on gamepass it will flop. Who the hell is gonna pay 60 bucks for this.

Not MS fault. They require footage from atlus

My guess is because the official western trailer hasnt dropped they wont have one.

So many people with Soul Hackers MC on avatars, that I am getting confused :joy:

Ff7 had another deal. Sony and then epic.

When ff7 hits steam. Thats when well know if it will ever come to xbox

At this point. Integrade comes to series xs. Impossible for base xbox to get vanilla 7.

Soul Hackers 2 MC Gang rise up!


Need @Sulley too. Then I think all the Ringo Simps have gathered.


No, thanks. I happy it isn’t coming to Game Pass and hope MS doesn’t eventually release it on GP. Sets a bad precedent and there are tons of other games out there that are more deserving of that GP bag (and deserving to be played; this game is basically mid - the video game).

18-month timed exclusive for a console launch at that, and not even releasing at a discounted price, too? As if Xbox gamers are not drowning in games already, lol. Nah, we’re good. Maybe I’ll play it when it hits the bargain bin or something.

Wouldn’t even touch on Game Pass.


same, this looks like the most uninteresting game possible.

But good on them to invest the TONs of work to finally crunch it down to the Switch Series S

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Hot tip for anyone who values their time: Don’t play this game. It stinks. It’s one of the most soulless, generic, boring games I’ve played in ages. I played the whole deal on PS5 around launch and it’s not good.


Solely a visual showcase then.