Godfall require an internet connection to play

Shit, looks like I can’t play it deployed in my nuclear submarine


Gotta flex that wifi 6


Wait…what? WTF?

I’m waiting until the Xbox Series X version in late 2021 so hopefully by then, this doesn’t exist. I’m thinking this game will bomb.

It’s an online focused looters slasher. Not surprising at all that it requires online.

I don’t know what people see in this game, I haven’t seen a single clip of compelling combat from this yet and still haven’t seen any real signs of enemy combat AI. What am I missing here?


Man the tables have definitely turned this generation


Please don’t conflate MS trying to require an online connection on a system wide level to a 3rd party game requiring online line many other online games this gen. They aren’t even close to being the same thing.


Yeah, it is pretty standard stuff. GT sport, I think, is also an always online game.

Edit : I guess the real question is ‘why ?’

Yup, nothing to see here.

you can have your opinion, I entirely disagree. an always online launch title for $120 is just part of the equation, the fact that Jim Ryan went all year talking about “we believe in generations” and “lets show something that is only capable on PS5” to ninja announcing that all PS5 launch games will be on PS4 is worse. That’s a straight up lie whereas MS was entirely upfront on what Xbox One was going to be like.

Not to mention, the stealth increase in prices, no cross saves, no smart delivery, extremely vague details of what the console is capable of when it launches next month just continues to pile on this mess. I have a feeling the second wave of melt downs will be when SSD performance will be the same on both consoles while Series X will have better visual fidelity.


Whoa, is this price tag for real? Is that in USD?

Makes sense. Tbh “X game requires internet” is less and less of a story these days.

I think people have been WAYYYYYYYYY too harsh on this game in every respect. Like Outriders. The internet just seemed to decide to hate it immediately from it’s debut and no matter what, it can’t gain any footing. I think it looks fun as hell.

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Yeah, it’s not interesting to me personally, but that’s true of lots of games. I think we’d all be happier if we tried to frame things as “this game isn’t for me” rather than “this game looks bad” :smile:

Its $120 Canadian on Amazon

Remnant: From the Ashes allows you to play solo off-line. Godfall should be the same. If you want to play co-op, you connect, if you don’t (like me) then you should be able to play off-line.

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Must be an IP thing, for me it’s showing up as “CDN 107.88 89.99”. I looked up the cost of Destruction All-Stars to compare, and that’s 89.99 too (for those who need a yardstick like I did).

I don’t know why this bothers people so much in 2020. Sure, there is a negative in that you can’t play if your internet is down. What is the issue beyond that?


Because most of the time, you’ll also need a PS+/Gold membership which for someone like me is just a waste of money because I don’t play online or any game online except for The Division 2 but PS+ isn’t required to play the game since I play solo and don’t care about the Dark Zone.

Godfall makes no sense to require either when there’s no PvP. It’s all PvE. SMH.