Godfall require an internet connection to play

I agree, and I actually find Godfall more appealing than Outriders — but that’s just because I prefer Godfall’s artstyle.

I would hope it does not require PS+ but i guess we’ll find out soon.

No, what I said earlier not an opinion, it’s a fact that an online only MP focused game is not the same as a system level DRM. This is not an opinion.

You also have said a number of factually incorrect claims here, so please try to hold back from such extremes. This is not a forum to needlessly attack Sony or any other company in the industry.


Godfall is a co-op game with PvE. There’s no PvP. Basically the same as Remnant From the Ashes. And thus should not require PS+ or an internet connection unless you want to play online co-op. I want to play solo. I shouldn’t need an internet connection to play the game and even more so, I shouldn’t have to pay $10 for PS+/Gold when again, im playing solo.

Again, its your opinion and its entirely subjective, hence I disagree. Just because you say its a fact, doesn’t make it a fact.

please feel free to point out of the number of factually incorrect claims here because everything I’ve written is backed with sources.

I have been interested in Godfall since it’s reveal at TGA 2019. I think it looks great and combat is solid even though I don’t like seeing the protagonist sliding up stairs. That just looks weird to me. I will wait for the Xbox Series X version in late 2021 but im not thrilled that I must pay an extra $10 for PS+ (and most likely Gold next year) and be connected online when I want to play solo.

If Gunfire Games/Perfect World Entertainment can make Remnant: From the Ashes fully playable off-line if you’re playing solo, I don’t see why Gearbox/Counterplay Games can’t do the same? After all, it’s all PvE.

I am way more hyped for Outriders though as I prefer shooting combat over melee based combat.

Godfall’s art style and visuals look great. I do prefer Outriders more because it’s shooting based combat as opposed to melee based combat.

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Do we know that’s the case? It’s usually not if you just play single-player.

According to the PlayStation 5 game page, it seems to be the case. It says “online play required” and underneath says “PS Plus required for online play” so it sounds like you need to do both or you can’t play the game. Or at least that’s how it reads and sounds to me because if online play is required but you need PS Plus to meet that online play requirement, then yeah, it’s seems like that’s what it is.


That’s a real bummer, but it sure seems like a game that’s meant for co-op anyway.

Perhaps but it depends on how the difficulty levels are balanced and structured. I played Remnant on normal difficulty solo and except for here and there, I didn’t have any major issues. I would think that Godfall would be setup the same.

Oh I know it’s PvE only, sorry when I said MP focused, I didn’t mean to insinuate PvP. Also, I do agree that it shouldn’t require PS+ or an internet connection for people that want to play solo. I just don’t find it surprising that it’s required, even though I don’t agree with it.

So what you’re saying is it’s subjective that an entire system applying online only DRM on a system level, to every single game, is the same as a single game requiring an online connection? Really?


The game isn’t $120, even in Canada

All PS5 launch games aren’t also on the PS4. Feel free to show me Demon Souls or Godfall on the PS4.

This makes no sense. Announcing a price isn’t the same thing as a “stealth” increase. This is more than a stretch just to find things to complain about.

Games do have cross saves.

There are plenty of things to voice criticism about, with both MS and Sony, and people are free to discuss those issues or concerns. However let’s not make things up or exaggerate just to make a company seem worse that they really are. It does absolutely nothing for the topic or any discussion.

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I don’t really see the issue. I also don’t see what the cost of the game has to do with it requiring an online connection? Why should a multiplayer or online game cost less?

I thought TGA’s reveal was kinda cool and the next trailer or two that followed as well. Now however, seeing the gameplay it just looks meh. Enemies seemed slow and few. I usually like this slasher style combat game, but I’m really not feeling this at all. I’ll pick it up eventually, but I’m not in a rush.

Bah, totally fine by me. Haven’t played offline for a single day since 2013 don’t see it happening now.

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I only find it surprising because it’s PvE. If it was like The Division, I would understand needing an internet connection because at any time, you could go into the Dark Zone and turn the game from being PvE to PvP. Playing PvP, I would also understand needing PS+/Gold.

I play The Division 2 and understand the internet connection because of what the game offers in regards to PvP so it makes sense to me but because I play solo PvE, I don’t need PS+.

I just see needing both an internet connection and PS+/Gold for what it basically a melee focused version of Remnant: From The Ashes as mind boggling and baffling.

Yeah, agreed. It’s an odd choice, the only reason I can see them wanting to do this is to lock down on cheaters or duping possibly.

Kinda odd.

Not really surprising for the kind of game. Would be better if it weren’t mandatory, but it’s not the kind of game I’d even attempt to play when my connection’s down.