Ghost Recon Frontline (F2P FPS 100+ players BR/PVP)

Compared to Hyperscape and XDefiant, this at least seems closer to a game that someone might actually want to play? So at least they’re moving in the right direction? :laughing:


Can’t wait to see a full on Ghost all kitted out in Spec Ops gear Floss over my dead body.

Also pour one out for Hyperscape hahaha lolololol

But seriously… what a downgrade from the days of Graw and Future Soldier



This is why I’m so glad with the direction Xbox is heading in. Something for everyone, tons of RPG which is great because it’s in my opinion the best genre by far in gaming. Halo Infinite might be a platform, whether that will truly happen remains to be seen but there will be other Halo games for sure too.

There’s action adventure, platforming, FPS, horror and so on. As long as MS doesn’t follow Ubi in this direction I will stay a fan, bigtime!

Good point on that!

I remember articles saying Ubi wouldn’t greenlight just about any game anymore, that they would look for quality and what not. Sounded like a good direction for Ubi…well…

There’s exactly zero games from them I look forward to right now.

Hate to see it

i hope it works out better for them than their last battle royale game

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Why are some of you so scared of multiplayer? Time to git gud boys. Are you really so unable to play a competitive game that it makes you break out in a sweat? Why would you want a massive multiplayer experience against AI? It’s so weird to me how the vast majority of people want to play MP games yet on enthusiast forums you’d think such games were hugely unpopular.

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Believe it or not, I get XDefiant and I think it has a chance to find an audience.

This one… I don’t get it. At least not now. If it could have followed closely on the heels of PUBG, then sure. But after Fortnite, Apex, Warzone… just not gonna happen.

Everytime we get a multiplayer game announcement its the same reception.

Cuz most of em simply try to emulate destiny, apex, Fortnite type success and surely fail at it and the cycle repeats cuz there’s only so many live service games of the same type that can exist and thrive.

Absolutely no one here is “against multiplayer”, it’s just that Ubisoft right now is a homogenised shell of its former self and people are reasonably exhausted by seeing yet another goddamn f2p fps battle royale with a Ubisoft skin on it. I saw literally nothing interesting in that ghost recon gameplay trailer.

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SMFH. :rage:

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So with many more Ubisoft game franchise going free to play i don’t see a point in MS buying Ubisoft.

There never was, lol.

There were though Ubisoft have Far Cry, Ass Creed, Prince of Persia, Watch Dogs, Rayman, Tom Clancy franchise “Splinter Cell” but now since they going Free 2 Play there is no point now.

How is that different to the thousands of 3rd person action adventure games that have been made that are all the same and just repeat the same model of cinematically, do something, more cinematics, do something? There are loads of these games none of them do anything interesting or new. The genre is done to death and there is no innovation just clone after clone. And most new titles are average at best. Don’t hear people saying there are too many of those.

The game looks pretty good, I don’t understand the hate received here, we can’t even talk about a generic battle royale because in fact it isn’t, it seems to require a lot of strategy and coordination with the other teammates. I can see that it will have a specialized player base but due to its complexity I don’t think it will appeal to the casual audience.

I don’t think that’s true, this is just not a great example of it. There are certainly “single-player or nothing!!!” people here.

If you aren’t hearing people complain about the formula of “3rd person walk & talk cinematic games” then you aren’t listening. People say that shit all the time.

The simple fact is this; people like what they like. Even if you just break it down into rough categories like single-player & multi-player, there are people who will roll their eyes at Horizon Forbidden West as “yet another PlayStation formula” game & there are people who will laugh at Ghost Recon Frontline.

Yep, there are single-player only people here… & there are also people who say things like “If Fable doesn’t have co-op I’m probably not playing it”.

It takes all sorts.

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K? Weird pull. I clearly have and will play single-player games, just not Fable. No idea what your problem is.

Who said I had a problem & what’s a “pull” in this context?

Edit: On reflection I realise, you thought I was starting a fight with you?

Not at all. What you said about Fable was related the point I was making. I have no problem with what you said. We all have our preferences. “Single-player is boring, gimme some multi-player” is just as valid an opinion as “Single-player or death!!!” & there’s actually no need for anyone to fight over this shit :laughing: