Ghost Recon Frontline (F2P FPS 100+ players BR/PVP)

The new Ghost Recon Frontline has been announced. But shockingly, it’s a F2P FP shooter with 100+ players (BR style) set in the Ghost Recon universe.

What is Ghost Recon Frontline?

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Frontline is a free-to-play, tactical-action, massive PVP shooter set in the renowned Ghost Recon universe.

Featuring an advanced class system and large set of tactical support tools, Ghost Recon Frontline allows for complete freedom in strategic gameplay, with multiple ways to outsmart enemy teams and forge a path to victory

What do you think ?

they are so out of touch, its not even funny anymore


Did anyone ask for this at all? I like that it’s first person, but BR? Nah! Would have been nice to have this versus A.I.

Man I miss the Rainbow Six and GR of old, those tense situations, realism of the very first games on PC, and I loved Rogue Spear and Raven Shield. It was still good on the first Xbox but already nowhere near as hardcore.

For people asking classic singleplayer Ghost Recon Im not sure how appealing a tactical shooter is in today’s market. Ubisoft makes games for the 10m casual gamers they have and I dont think anything will change that lol.

whenever I see a ubisoft original game :

Baby Reaction GIF


last ubisoft game I bought was the division, looks like I will not even be playing their free ones as well, especially when the competition has much better offerings

What a waste of 3 good years and dev workforce.


I cant wait to see what this assassins creed hub is gonna look like, actually I dont want to see it.

I’m not sure what to think about it yet. That’s why I made the thread.

To be honest, it’s not what I want (I want Wildlands 2), but I can see this game somehow being a hit for the hardcore tactical FPS community. Also, they can do whatever they want. They have a gameplay with vehicles, objectives, a giant map to evolve and tweak with new biomes and stuff. They also can add so many modes like classic PVP matches with 100 players. It’s just that it comes after BF 2042, which nails the FPS/squad/vehicular gameplay.

you mean that infinite thingy ?

yup that one. The market is so saturated with BR and this one just looks so flat right of the bat

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I wonder if they’ll have one more traditional one next year before AC becomes a service or platform.

I believe the hub would launch first with the one currently being made launching as its first paid content. Don’t know how it would actually work to be honest. The only game I’m interested in from ubi is avatar and even that has a question mark

Me rn

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I don’t really get why Ubi is doing this. Didn’t Origins, Oddysey and Valhalla sell fine?


I miss the Prince of Persia to Rainbow Six Vegas days Ubisoft

Nothing but generic, trend chasing garbage from these days


is there a specific person at ubisoft that makes these decisions of copy paste and BR games ?

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Yeah their shareholders

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I thought last year or so some of the leadership changed, with one guy who was the one that had enforced the “ubisoft formula” across all their games and now that he was out, things could get better, but here we are. Maybe it’ll take a few more years for radical shift in their ethos, but I am gonna remain skeptical.

They saw how much Fortnite and Warzone make, now they want their own and will keep making them until one of them sticks

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