Ghost of Tsushima DLC has a $10 upgrade on PS5 locking next-gen features behind a paywall

Now that I think about it, I went smooth with the title, it is indeed a $30 dollar paywall for the PS5 version (not just $10).

Well, being a cheap miser I waited until the game was on sale for $40 before buying it. I thought it was an absolutely beautiful (to look at) game and I enjoyed my time with it. But, I’m not sure the upgrade/expansion will be worth $30 for me. I’m certainly not replaying the base game anytime soon since I just finished it a month or so ago.

Sony can barely announce anything anymore without them throwing in something stupid and anti consumer, maybe one day all the crap will add up and people will hold them accountable.

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But the thing is that I don’t think a lot of outrage over the Internet regarding that. So I presume fanbase and Sony don’t care. It will sell anyway.

I remember that crap glad it did not catch on

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Yea Sony’s fanbase don’t care cause they treat Sony like a charity, they seem to enjoy throwing money at them.

I just hope over time these little anti consumer things Sony keeps doing adds up to the point where people start to notice and hold them accountable

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As someone who loved Ghost of Tsushima to where it was my 2020 game of the year, $30 for the upgrade isn’t a big deal because im going to replay it on PS5 which I rarely do in general and it comes with the expansion which im hyped to play.

In general, it’s all about each individual and if the cost for whatever they’re buying is worth it. For me, I have no problem with this or buying games day one for $70 (which once cross-gen ends, all third party publishers will follow suit if they haven’t already) because at the end of the day, I want to play the game or in this case, replay the game and then play the expansion.

If I didn’t already own Tsushima digitally for PS4, I would be buying the $70 PS5 edition but instead, I will just pay the $30 for the PS5 upgrade and expansion. Best of all for me, I now have my game for September. Hyped!!! :joy:

To me, it is all too expensive, and Sony is just setting up a bad precedent that sadly everyone will follow. That’s why competition is important and one dominating is always bad news.

All this stuff was done before Sony started doing it. EA has done it. Activision has done it. Ubisoft has done it. Even Microsoft has done it. Go back to 2015 when they released Gears of War Ultimate Edition for $60. Yeah, it looked and played better but it was still the same game as the 2006 original. Every company is exactly the same and they all do the same shit. For those who don’t like it or want to pay the price, they don’t have to and can ignore it.

I want to play the Iki Island expansion and since Tsushima is an excellent game that I loved, I don’t have any issues with paying $30 for the upgrade. I have spent more money in the past on far worse. As long as the quality is there for me, im good.

It still doesn’t make it better, and people should hold them accountable. The Xbox community are directly on Miccrosoft when they screw up and that’s great. For Sony, it seems like people are afraid of doing that and it is only going to get worse. If nobody say anything, nothing will change. Sony could charge people 120 dollars for their games and people would be fine.

To me, just because something was done in the past doesn’t make it better now. Actions have to be taken if people want changes.

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I didn’t say that it makes any of it better but the main difference is this - PlayStation fans including myself rarely get disappointed with their exclusives and because of this, vast majority including myself are willing to pay extra money if needed in order to play a game or in this case, an expansion that they/I want to play.

I look at this way - if Sony didn’t charge me for this upgrade but in exchange, im getting like a 6/10 mediocre expansion, I wouldn’t even waste my time because even for free, it wouldn’t be worth it.

I know majority of Xbox fans don’t like Sony’s exclusives and that’s fine but I do and they’re well worth the price. For me on Xbox, they haven’t given me much since the first half of the Xbox 360 generation. The last game of the year I had from Microsoft was Gears of War 2 in 2008. That’s soon to be 13 years. If I had to choose between a $10 monthly rental of a game that ends up being a 6/10 or 7/10 for me personally but on the other side, im getting a 9/10+ for $70, im paying the $70 because I don’t want to waste my time playing mediocre games. I’m done doing that and I don’t care who the publisher/developer is.

Again, it’s all about what’s best for each individual. For me, quality is what matters most. I’m a Ubisoft guy and if they have a game that doesn’t hit for me, I say so. I don’t sugar coat it just because they’re my favorite publisher/developer. This applies to all publishers and developers. Sony and Microsoft included.

Is what Sony is doing shitty? Absolutely but im not going to cry about it because I can easily avoid/ignore the issue by not paying for the upgrade. I however will be paying for the upgrade because again, I want to play the Iki Island expansion and because I know the quality of what the base game was for me, im more than willing to spend the $30 on the upgrade.

So again, in general it sucks and it’s shitty but I can’t speak for others because im not them but for me, im not going to cry or go nuts about this or anything gaming related for that matter. If I want to play a game or in this case, the Iki Island expansion, I will pay for it. If I don’t, I won’t. For me, it’s that simple. Also, me buying or not buying the $30 upgrade isn’t going to change what Sony is doing.

On a related side note - Nintendo is far worse than Sony when it comes to charging for the same shit and doing even less work into what they’re charging you for and Nintendo fans rarely if ever complain or cry about it because just like with Sony fans, they know that they’re getting an amazing game that’s worth paying the $60 for. But whatever, it is what it is and isn’t going to change any time soon.

Yeah, Sony will really not get better then.

For the consumer friendly stuff, probably not.

Because fans are being too lenient. More people could play their games if everything was just less expensive, have access to their ecosystem, but fans are being like Apple fans.

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I like how people associate free or consumer friendly stuff as being “mediocre”. To feel “quality” they need to be charged even for an above-averagely rated game which exactly the psychological loophole abused by companies like Apple. This is the collective problem of the whole fan base. I remember few threads ago somebody has mentioned how the fanbase and media have both deteriorated in past few years which I totally agree. Hopefully more and more people subscribe to gamepass and we get over this abomination soon which going by the and other petitions seem to be actually working quite good.


I agree but the saying “put your money where your mouth is” rarely if ever happens. I’m not the biggest EA/Activision fan and despite them doing shitty stuff, if there’s a game that I want to play that they release, im still going to buy and play it.

For me, it’s literally all about the game(s) themselves. If im interested and want to play a certain game, I don’t care how shitty a publisher is or what they’ve done. Means nothing to me. I don’t take any of this stuff to heart or personal. It’s not like Sony or EA or whoever is trying to fuck me over in my retail job or make me lose my apartment or some shit. You know what I mean?

Yeah, everything should be better but the world is never ever going to be a utopia and at the end of the day, everyone should just do what they feel is the best for them and go from there.

I think Microsoft should have charged extra for the Disney IP expansion to make us feel “quality” cuz this DLC could have costed to develop no way more than paying for a freaking Disney IP.


If nobody says anything, of course nothing will change. Sony could also have a great ecosystem, where everybody could actually play, and a game having quality doesn’t justify prices going higher and higher. You could have both, good games and a good model and it doesn’t take anything from people to just speak up and demand better.

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