Ghost of Tsushima DLC has a $10 upgrade on PS5 locking next-gen features behind a paywall

The new Iki Island expansion sounds awesome, but what a terrible way to turn this into a negative story with your PS5 upgrade path bullshit for what is a really good game.

No wonder other publishers like EA or Take Two will consider doing the same. Sony is setting a terrible example here. [/quote]


Wait, that means 80 bucks for PS5?

Most likely it’s a 70 dollars and 80 euros release yeah. 80 fuckin euros…Jimbo pls. :phil_lmao:

For those who didn’t follow along the various upgrade paths and prices. GoT is original game. GoT DC is the new directors cut edition. PS4 and PS5 are the respective editions.

Here is the US prices/upgrade paths:

  • $70 PS5 GoT DC
  • $60 PS4 GoT DC
  • $30 PS4 GoT to PS5 GoT DC
  • $20 PS4 GoT to PS4 GoT DC
  • $10 PS4 GoT DC to PS5 GoT DC

90 bucks if you bought the game on launch and now want the full PS5 experience. But this new version is 70 dollars.

Essentially it’s a $20 DLC with an option for the $10 We Believe in Generations upgrade.


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I bought it at full price a week ago. :upside_down_face:

Dumb delivery


Can’t wait for the PC version of this game with the japanese lip-syncing “only possible on PS5”.


Getting something negative out of push square. Damn Sony is burning good will fast.


It’s a great game if somewhat repetitive (depends on how much content you want to go through), and this expansion should be good as well. Sony is getting negative press that could have easily been avoidable if they had done a free upgrade like so many others have.

Honestly, Sony always been doing stuff like this. I don’t know if oyu guys remember, but they had that scummy online pass nonsense to combat against used game market. So basically they would charge a fee of like $10 to play online, but the pass did come with the game if it was new, but buy it used you had to pay $10

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Bad example and there is no reason to charge 10$ more for a next gen version, really hope MS never follows and that more companies stick to last gen pricing.

Nobody noticed that no Pc version of the same games have had next gen taxes yet? As far as I know they get the exact same version graphically as consoles. The 10$ console tax is bullshit l.

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Kind of a repeat of spiderman remastered being locked behind Miles Morales 50 dollar pay wall. Albeit here it’s a little less shittier but it’s still a stupid ass scummy thing to do.

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So I just bought GoT on my PS5 a few months ago after it was patched to 60 fps. Do I own the PS4 version or the PS5 version? I have no idea and don’t know how to check. Ha.

You own the ps4 version, I think. Cuz it was just running in “enhanced BC” mode till this new native ps5 patch. But I don’t know, not sure, there lies the problem to begin with. No such bullshit to keep pace with on Xbox with smart delivery, but that was just marketing, amirite

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I think you own the PS4 version with the 60fps patch. If you want to upgrade to the PS5 version, you will need to spend 30 bucks (20 for the expansion, and 10 for the upgrade).

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There is no such thing as PS5 GoT. There is only the PS4 GoT. In the future there will be PS4 GoT DC and PS5 GoT DC.

So your options are:

  1. spend $20 for the DLC only and run PS4 GoT DC on the PS5
  2. Optionally throw in another $10 for the We Believe in Generations Upgrade to run the PS5 GoT DC