'Get rid of the ballots...' -Trump

I can see that political topics aren’t common here and I genuinely like that aspect as someone steeped in it all day long as is. That said, these comments by POTUS are something that every single citizen in the US needs to be aware of.

I won’t try to frame this in any particular way or spin it or color it at all. Just watch Trump’s exchange with this reporter and how he answered the question:

“(G)et rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very … there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There’ll be a continuation,” he added, saying “the ballots are out of control.”

Further reading on how Trump plans to make sure he stays in power: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/09/trump-campaign-election-coup-bypass-biden-win


I’m with you, I see so many people that ignore much of what he says and does because it doesn’t directly affect them, but as someone who works in the gov, so many of the administrations decisions affect everyone negatively. The clear slide into authoritarian fascism by his and Barr’s actions should be frightening to everyone. I could spend an entire night going over exactly how his admin’s actions have eroded the scientific community (for which I work in), the atrocious response to COVID, criminality, and so much else… but I’m dealing with the flu and just don’t have the energy, but would be happy tomorrow to share my 15k of bookmarks from reputable sources that detail all those things, and answer any direct questions about his admin’s effects on my work.


Trump says some dumb shit, but the democrats are also lying sleezebags that will say anything to get into power. I think biden is the better choice because he has a better healthcare plan and a better plan for transitioning to renewable energy, but it makes me laugh that people think biden and trump are radically different in terms of policy. Small steps though, its gonna be like 2100 by the time america takes the best ideas from both parties, being POTUS is like being in charge of a massive oil tanker with a tiny rudder.

The topic is about Trump trying to bypass voters to steal the election, which he is openly attempting literally right this moment. That’s why he is bringing in GOP legislators from states he lost to try talking them into granting him their electors.

Yes, but the current admin is trying to destroy the rudder and start a mutiny.

It’s very disheartening that only the courts are stepping in and putting much of this down.

But chasing the money back to the dark pool that has exponentially expanded since Citizens United, we have the corruption and complacency mega PACs have bought and paid for.


A few GOP are also (finally) standing up. The MI lawmakers rebuffed Trump just now. So did Romney yesterday too. It’s still absolutely wild that anything like this has gotten this far. GA SoS also pushed back hard. But Trumpers themselves are still pushing for a literal coup.

It’s really disappointing being outside this and looking in. I know sometimes people don’t like to admit it but the “free world” really does look to the US for leadership and it hasn’t been forthcoming or particularly good in a long time.

As a Canadian who can throw a rock and hit the US, it’s a bit like watching a successful older brother spiral out of control. The whole idea of America is such an amazing thing and while The American Dream was always more an aspiration then reality it’s a real shame to see it getting further away not closer.


Most of the populace down here literally can’t distinguish between America the ideal and America in the moment. They confuse nationalism for patriotism. :confused:


Paraphrasing almighty George Carlin, it’s called the American Dream because you’d have to be asleep to believe it. :expressionless:

I think they missed nationalism by a lightyear or three and have been sucked in to the black hole of fascism (and they don’t even know it!). :pensive:


Maybe, but I dont like draw conclusions without definitive proof.

like I say as it stands there is no proof that trump is trying to do that. Trump and his allies have laid election fraud alligations now its on him to prove this is the case, however making voter fraud allegations is not and attempting to “steal” the election, such allegations would require evidence. Right now there is no evidence that shows Trump is trying to “steal” the election

Huh? This isn’t speculation. Trump himself has openly talked about this being his strategy. He has talked about it at rallies, talked about it in interviews, talked about it in the 2-3 press conferences he actually answered questions at, his aides have said this is their plan…The GOP in PA were discussing it even before the election. Openly, in interviews. They said they had talked to the campaign on the matter. It’s the reason Trump is asking GOP lawmakers in these states to meet with him at he WH (MI, PA, others all are being reached out to, MI GOP just met with him yesterday).

Trying to bypass the vote in a state so that the legislators give him heir EV’s is stealing the election away from the voters.

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Show me where trump said he is going to “steal” the election. He said the opposite, he said the democrats are trying to steal the election.

…oh well, if Trump said that then nvm! >.>

He and his legal team are openly asking in court that judges declare Trump the winner in states that he lost and asking courts to order GOP lawmakers to give him the electors.

Do you really not consider ‘bypassing an entire state’s election/voters after the fact and having your cronies install electors on your behalf’ to be stealing???

Whats your source for this? Your saying trumps legal team are asking judges to give states to trump for no reason? Wow thats crazy surely you have a reliable source for this.

Also im still waiting for you to provide some video of trump saying its his strategy to “steal” the election, but you won’t because he has not said that, you are just making things up lol

  1. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/11/what-if-trump-refuses-concede/616424/
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  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/joewalsh/2020/11/05/trump-allies-suggest-electoral-college-could-overturn-a-biden-win-heres-why-that-probably-wouldnt-work/?sh=442e75de65e9
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I don’t have the video of his rally in Wisconsin atm but will look for it. He talked about how GOP had an advantage in the House due to their 26 state delegations there, a reference to the strategy of stealing electors and forcing the House to vote on certifying competing slates of electors (that vote on which electors count is done by House via state delegation vote).



The party of sore losers


And these are just the media outlets. Many of them only cover the surface of what many constitution scholars, legal experts, etc. are raising concerns about. Enough that many legal professionals have used Trumps word and deeds (and those under his command) to show how this rises to the legal definition of sedition.

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Several of the links include direct links to legal briefs filed by team Trump as well.

None of those links say , that trumps legal team is asking judges to give him states for no reason. So far you are just making things up. And if you cant provide proof of trump saying what your saying hes saying then you could just be making it up.


" The [new complaint] claims 1.5 million mail-in or absentee votes in seven Pennsylvania counties “should not have been counted” and that the disputed votes resulted “in returns indicating Biden won Pennsylvania.”

This is the court filing: https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.pamd.127057/gov.uscourts.pamd.127057.172.3_1.pdf

But please go on about how I’m “just making stuff up”…

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