Gears Twitter teasing something about Gears 2?


Remaster please!

Whats the tie in to Gears 2? Was that some iconic image used on GoW2?

I could see them having a Gears anthology (Fenix Collection) since they’ve been releasing original characters remodeled into Gears 5 for the past couple of years.

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Gears of War 2: Ultimate Edition, maybe?

At that rate they might as well start a Fenyx Collection.

But yeah, that’s wishful thinking. It will probably be a new Operation for Gears 5.


I’m thinking it’s some kind of Gears of War 2 tie-in for Operation 6 of Gears 5.


Unfortunately thats probably it.

FPS Boost for Gears of War 2 maybe?

Keep in mind that the current season of Gears 5 is ending soon (in a week or so), so that’s probably the next season teaser.

Why u do this Jez?

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It’s part of the box art


Probably Operation 6 related.

But they have my curiosity if its something else.

If it’s Operation 6 in Gears 5, they should say it now, because people on Twitter are hyping themselves with a Gears 2 remaster or things like that :laughing:

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Nice. Just goes to show how much I actually ever looked at box art or how memorable any of it ever is. It’s even one of the series I actually own physical copies of.

I even own multiple physical copies of Gears 3 and X360 consoles too. Had to grind that Seriously 3.0 achievement somehow. :wink: It wasn’t until very late in the X360 era when I switched over to all digital.

60 fps boost is my call

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It’s an operation 6 tease for gears 5 :slight_smile:

I hope to god they don’t bring security map back again though.

Would love to see a Jacinto and Mansion return though :slight_smile:

I would say yes, but since Jez made this comment I lean more too something gears 2



Jez said he has no idea

false alarm

This is the last operation?!?

If I don’t get my Savage Kantus, imma be real sad.