Gears 5 RT reflection? (Nope! see pics)

Does Gears 5 (optimized) have RT reflections? Haven’t seen any info suggesting this was the case but this comparison sure makes it look like it has RT reflections. It might just be really high quality Screen Space Reflections. Either way, it looks GREAT!


PC, highest settings(?):


UPDATE: NOT RT, but SSR that DF Alex says is below PC quality, even if most of us think they subjectively look a lot better. :slight_smile:


Significant difference man thats insane


Shit looks insane!!! I’m really excited to see what Watch Dogs Legion looks like since it has Ray Tracing. Oh man…wish I could fast forward the next three weeks!!! lol

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Same man

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I think this is a pic from One X

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Mm, I saw this on Reddit earlier and thought it looked beautiful. I don’t remember them saying RT would be added, but looking at this, I can’t imagine it not being RT.

You’re right. Lemme fix that!

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Same. I’m not noticing the typical artifacts from SSR, but I can’t say I’m experienced at spotting em anyhow, lol. Might not be RT! Or maybe it is! /shrugs

Looks incredible either way!

The Coalition is calling that “Screen Space Global Illumination”. I’m not a technical guy, so I don’t know the difference, but I don’t think they are actually calling it Ray Tracing. Looks great, nonetheless!


The reflections aren’t GI. They use RT for their GI solution, but no mention afaik on RT reflections. Maybe this is merely better quality screen space reflections, but that often has obvious artifacts that I’m not noticing here myself (I’m no expert on spotting em tho). Whatever the technique, it is pretty af. :stuck_out_tongue:

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could just be a combination of indoor cubemaps and screen space reflections. Anyway looks reeeeally good, can’t wait.


Screen space GI is lighting system used in Gears 5. Not ray tracing.

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any links for the source material?

Can you share gameplay comparison?

This one is a cut scene.

I dont believe those are ray traced reflections.


Alex from DF states that these are incorrect reflections below the PC insane level which is why they look so shiny. They are screen space reflections at ultra level not reflecting the material they are reflected in.


He’s right.

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This is going to be one of the issues with RT (yes Gears is not RT) in that it will make things in theory be lit correctly. That won’t necessarily make people think they are better in all situations.

People like the unrealistic glossy reflections in this Gears shot but the insane PC SSR is actually the correct one. We will see lots of that with more realistic lighting systems whether RT or screen space…

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Yeah, I can see that the reflections are incorrect and weird. But I like both treatments. The reflections, even if inaccurate, makes this scene really…shine and pop on screen.

Jeeeeeeesus, it even puts PC on Insane to shame?