Gears 5 - Hivebusters DLC Revealed

Hahaha. LOL. Outside of that reveal/launch trailer, im not watching anything related to it. Will wait to see everything when I play it.


I’m wounded by the gears 5 launch trailer

What do you mean? Trailers rarely if ever spoil or ruin anything for me because I don’t know the context of everything shown in the trailers.

I hate to be spoiled on setpieces like the end of gears 5

That was in a trailer? Wow. Honestly, I don’t even remember it. I barely remember trailers. Hehe. I watch them for info and to get hyped for the individual game. Once I start playing the game itself, all the trailers are a blur and completely out of mind. LOL.

Ending was great but I didn’t like “the choice” that you have to make. I feel like The Coalition should have made that choice in order to tell the story path that they want to tell.

Well shit I thought this was a TGA reveal to be sure.

Now I don’t know WHAT to expect. :chief_think:


I mean they spoiled the death of someone at E3 lol

I love how this is included in Game Pass Ultimate how good is the value like damn. Hope this is a sign of all future dlc for XGS titles coming into Game Pass Ultimate. They could use this as replacement when they remove gold req for online play :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure people would be ok with that as losing value from gold. Gold > All DLC is a really good trade, I know people would moan if they just got rid of gold and didn’t replace anything with it in Game Pass Ultimate.

Can’t wait to jump back inot Gears 5, the DLC looks fun!

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I am not watching the launch trailer but I can’t wait to play the expansion! I love Gears 5 so seeing new single player content and with the squad of Escape on top of that is hype AF. The Coalition continues to be MS’s most productive studio, Gears 6 is gonna be absolutely insane. :wink:

God bless you, Gears. Don’t ever go away.

This looks so good, I amped. Can’t wait to play it.

Oh, okay. I gotcha. Trailers should definitely NOT do that. lol.

This looks great! I’m really glad they take the time to make more story content, lots and lots of players only play the campaign.

it’s crazy that they blew their load on this 2 days prior to TGAs, either this is subliminal messaging that they really have something substantial to show at the TGAs or show this again at the awards and maybe have some walkthrough, IDK . I don’t think a gameplay walkthrough would be needed for something releasing within the next two days. Therefore I hope its the former cuz doing this today set a good precedent for how their presence at TGAs might be more exciting.

ffs I just deleted this. It’s not stand-alone is it?

You mean if it’s a separate download? If so, then no, I believe you’ll need to have the full game installed to play it.

Ms marketing is so weird.

If this is standalone they could have marketed it as a new game like Miles Morales. And instead they went radio silence until 1 week from launch XD

Unless they wanted to avoid the notion that their 2 launch games were gears lol

a 3 hour standalone dlc ? why?

Doesn’t seem to be standalone in the end. But still it should have been more hyped.

maybe they put more time in it to still bring it this year? Trailer take time, not worth it. This was done in one year.